Happy Birthday Tabs!

Happy Birthday to one of my closest friends in the world, Mark Anthony Taban (please don't get annoyed for saying your whole name hahahaha).

Tabs is one of those people who knows everything about me, even the skeletons in my closet. He is one of the most amazing friends I have because of his genuine personality.

My family loves him that's why they call him as one of our "adopted family members". 

He is also one of the most supportive friends ever because he was there especially during the significant and crucial events in my life. Let me share some of those events.

1. When I was doing my fieldwork for my thesis about Belenismo sa Tarlac, Tabs was there to accompany and help me. He was also there to encourage when I feel like giving up on my thesis.

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2. When I headed and organized a fundraising event for my college org, Tabs came to the event to support me.

at the Armageddon Party (a party with an advocacy)

3. The biggest thing he has done for me so far was acting as the event organizer, coordinator, etc. in my College Graduation Party. He was the person behind all the nitty-gritty stuff needed for my celebration: from planning, coordinating with my friends and relatives, getting video messages from my family who are in abroad, making an AVP, et al.

after my grad party

Again, Happy Birthday Mark..(oooopsss LOL), Tabs pala! Love you forever, bes! :)))

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