Blogger's Diary 8.31.12

Dear blog,

Butterflies and fishes are in my stomach right now. I feel anxious. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow but I hope things will turn out the way I prayed for. 

I hope it's worth the second try because the first time I did it, I failed. I was so devastated then because it was what I dreamed and wished for. 

For the second time around, I am very sure that this is what I want. I hope I'll succeed this time. 

Though I have to admit, I am not that fully prepared but God knows the sacrifices I did this week. I am really praying my efforts will pay off.

Lord, I'll leave it all to you tomorrow but of course I'll do my part. 


Happy Birthday Lola Carning!

Happy birthday to my Lola Carning who cooks very delicious food. She's one of the reasons why I love staying in Tarlac. Love you mi abuela! :)


Sandiwa Relief Operation

"Dahil and iskolar ng bayan ay unang naglilingkod sa bayang kanyang pinanggalingan"-- UP Sandiwa continues to live up to its core thrust.

Instead of having a lavish anniversary celebration, UP Sandiwa conducted a relief operation at Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac on August 19. Sta. Ignacia was one of the towns affected by flood during the monsoon rains.

I commend the resident members and applicants of the organization for coming up with this kind of project. Good job guys! :) It was very heartwarming to see people smile and hear their thank you's after helping them.

I can't get any prouder of being part of an organization which prioritizes other's welfare. :)

Thank you Antonio Family for assisting us during the relief operation.

O diba lumevel-up na ang blog post ko? May slideshow na akong nalalaman. Yayy! Must experiment more here in my blog :)))


Happy 19th Anniversary UP Sandiwa!

WOW! I can't believe my beloved org in UP is already celebrating its 19th anniversary! Happy happy anniversary UP Sandiwa - the official organization of UP Diliman students from Tarlac.

UP Sandiwa is not just an organization, it is and will always be a FAMILY to me.

Sandiwa felt like a home away from home. I think it's a big factor that we, the members, hail from the same place and we have the same culture.

I was a resident member for three years and even if I am an alumna already, I keep coming back. Why? Because it is where I feel so loved and appreciated. No inhibitions whenever I'm with fellow Sandiwans. Everything feels real.

"Walang sikretong hindi nabubunyag." - ganyan kami sa org. Mapa-secret pa yan tungkol sa crush mo sa UP, sa loob ng org or kahit mga taong kinaiinisan mo, malalaman at malalaman sa org yan. hahaha. Kahit sa acads 'pag sobrang stressed na stressed ka na at tipong darating ka na sa point of depression, laging nandiyan ang mga Sandiwan. Actually, they're my "stress absorber."

Most members would say "Bakit ang hirap iwanan o umalis sa Sandiwa?" whenever a member has to leave for a class, meeting or any appointment. There's really something in the org that pulls us back that's why we always call ourselves "clingy". Siguro kung college student pa ako hanggang ngayon, mauubos lang ang oras ko sa tambayan or kung saan man basta kasama ang mga Sandiwan. No regrets though because every second with them is worth-spending.

Since nostalgic ang peg ko ngayon, I wanna look back some memories. (huhu iiyak na ba ako? joke!)

UP SANDIWA 2009-2010: Raging with Passion, Flaming in Action.

Year 2009- the year when I was first introduced to the org and its members. Syempre gulat ako nun kasi bago ka maging member ng isang org, kailangan mo pa palang dumaan ng application process (unlike others na magbabayad ka lang membership fee) for one semester. San ka pa? Only in UP. Anyway, I was a very timid person then. I won't talk to others unless they talk to me. Medyo introvert pa ako nun. :))) But then, the application process helped me gained confidence and self-esteem. Dun ko rin narealize na hindi ka mabubuhay sa UP kung puro hiya ang meron ka.

One thing I am every thankful for: my batchmates in Sandiwa. Go Batch 2009! Yun nga lang, I am the oldest in the batch. huhuhu. Or not? Si jestine pala. yayyyyyyyy!!!! *jumps and claps*

Batch 2009 applicants (from L-R: keempee, yanyan, merle, pau, pat, moti, layton, joseph) Sayang wala si jestine.
my first official event in UP Sandiwa (Rev-UP 2009).
My first anniversary celebration. UP Sandiwa @16. Sorry for the photo's poor quality, chaka pa yung camera ko nun. August 2009.
My orgmates love me so much because they prepared a mini surprise program for my 18th birthday celebration during our Christmas Party.

o diba? may blindfold and "18" orange preserved roses pa silang nalalaman. :))

Lovestrock Concert- a first in Sandiwa's history. Also, it is the org's first financial project. Though haggard yung preparations like marketing, logistics, ticket sales et al, mawawala yung pagod mo pag nakita mong nag-eenjoy yung audience. Plus, nadala namin yung bands like Sugarfree, Itchyworms and Silent Sanctuary sa Tarlac. Nakakaproud din yung experience kasi we were able to organize a big event/concert with only more than 20 members working.

Lovestrock Concert: I am Giving a Different Kind of Love. February 2010.

Send-off/Sem-ender part. April 2010. Hindi kumpleto ang Sandiwa parties kung walang pool, videoke and some booze. :p

After one semester, I became a member of UP Sandiwa. BATCH 2009 represent!!!

UP SANDIWA 2010-2011: Defying Conventions. Defining Service.

This is my best year in the org. :) Marami rin akong "nang dahil sa Sandiwa" moments.

Nang dahil sa Sandiwa..

1. Napapasuot na ako ng corporate attire dahil required sa mga events.

Rev-UP 2010 Opening
2. Na-experience kong magturo ng high school students.

With my students in Rev-UP

3. Nakapag-head ako ng academic competition at mag-organize ng art contest.

PataaSandiwa 2010. From L-R: ate tin (President), a trainor, one of the winners, me, ate farrah (org adviser), jestine and joseph

4. I became a leader- Membership Committee Head. At naging nanay pa ako ng 18 bata (well nanay naman kasi ang role ng memcom head) and this is one of my proudest moments in the org. I was able to bring in 18 new members. Hindi rin biro yung mag-alaga ng 18 aplikante at ayusin yung application process ano. Pero syempre, di ko naman magagawa yun without the help of my subordinates in MemCom. :) Sooooooo fulfilling!

Batch 2011-A
Batch 2011-B

 5. Nagagawa ko ulit yung hilig ko - sumayaw! wooohoooo dance prod (yuck feeling artista lang??!) Walang palya yan ah. Mula nung 16th to 18th anniv ng org, kasama ako sa dance prod at dapat talaga may prod number kami. LOL. Go SDT!

17th Anniversary Celebration. September 2010. Bida na naman ang Batch 2009 hahahaha

UP SANDIWA 2011-2012: Raising the Bar of Excellence

--my saddest year in the org (pahinging tissue) because it was my last year as a resident member. Before I graduated in college, I get teary-eyed whenever the thought of leaving the org comes in my mind. Just like what I said earlier, it's really hard to leave them.

At the same time, this was my toughest year - graduating status, thesis work, obligations of being an executive secretary. But after everything, it was a very rewarding experience. I owe the organization a lot. If it wasn't for the experiences I gained in the org, I won't make it to the "real world".

My last events as a resident member..

REV-UP 2011

18th Anniversary

PataaSandiwa 2011

Christmas Party 2011 (The Kiddie Edition)

sobrang saya namin nun. nakakamiss talagang maging bata ulit.

Armageddon: Live like there's no tomorrow - second financial project of UP Sandiwa for the benefit of the Aeta community in Tarlac.

syempre di lang puro acads, kailangan din naming pumarty paminsan-minsan :)))

Send-off for 2012 graduates (kung anu-ano pinagawa at pinakain samin dito. Pero nakakatouch naman yung tribute videos na ginawa ng members)

19 years? Way to go UP Sandiwa! Keep the flame burning. :) Let's create more memories.

Again, happy 19th anniversary to our org and of course to all the members, alumni and everyone who has been part of UP Sandiwa! CHEERS! :))

Once a SANDIWAN, always a..


Happy Birthday Tito Herman and Duday!

Happy Birthday to my ever patient and understanding tito, Tito Herman! :)

And to my childhood bestfriend/cousin, happy birthday duds! :)) HAHAHA

with my godson poktee :))

Blogger's Diary 8.15.12

Dear blog,

I need to fix my life ASAP. Mukha lang maayos ang buhay ko pero ang gulo-gulo talaga. Nagsabay-sabay lahat. Ayoko na nga lang isipin pero ang hirap eh. 

As much as I want to hold on to some things, there are certain things that I have to give up. This is going to be a tough decision and a rough path but I am willing to face whatever the consequences are. 

It seems that I lost myself and I need to find my way back again.

I can do this. I WILL DO THIS. 


Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy! Though my cousins and I are not your real kids, we were used to calling you Mommy and that will never change even if Renz is there and we're grown-ups already . :)))


Happy Birthday Mama!

The song below always reminds me of my mom. Mama, happy birthday! Wherever you are, I know you're always watching over me.

From the movie "Raise Your Voice"


Happy Birthday Joshua!

To my ever sweet, thoughtful and obedient cousin, I wish you nothing but a happy and awesome birthday (despite the rains). Few years from now, you're not a kid anymore. I know you'll be a good guy. :)


Happy Birthday Tita Dha!

If there's one person who I look up to a lot because of her strength and strong disposition in life, it would be my Tita Hilda. I admire how she handles and manages things even in the darkest and most painful moments.

We've been through a lot. She was there for since I arrived in the Philippines and most specially when my mom died; she stood up as my second mom and made me feel like I was her own. That's why I think she doesn't deserve to lose one of God's most precious gifts. Despite what happened, she remained strong and never dwelt on the situation. She's still the same person I know - brave and optimistic.

On a lighter note, my tita is my partner in crime particularly when it comes to my ___ (it's a secret). It's so funny how we plot things just to make them happen. :)))

To my ever "mataras" tita, I wish you the happiest birthday ever! I will always be forever grateful to you. Even though an inevitable incident happened in your life this year, we all know we have our cherubim watching over us. I can always be your daughter. I think Papa won't mind anyway. hahahahaha