Happy Birthday Tita Dha!

If there's one person who I look up to a lot because of her strength and strong disposition in life, it would be my Tita Hilda. I admire how she handles and manages things even in the darkest and most painful moments.

We've been through a lot. She was there for since I arrived in the Philippines and most specially when my mom died; she stood up as my second mom and made me feel like I was her own. That's why I think she doesn't deserve to lose one of God's most precious gifts. Despite what happened, she remained strong and never dwelt on the situation. She's still the same person I know - brave and optimistic.

On a lighter note, my tita is my partner in crime particularly when it comes to my ___ (it's a secret). It's so funny how we plot things just to make them happen. :)))

To my ever "mataras" tita, I wish you the happiest birthday ever! I will always be forever grateful to you. Even though an inevitable incident happened in your life this year, we all know we have our cherubim watching over us. I can always be your daughter. I think Papa won't mind anyway. hahahahaha

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