#AngSarapMabuhay: Moment No. 1 & 2

#AngSarapMabuhay - a term coined by my workmates in my first job. If you're wondering why we came up with this term, I think it's better to keep it among ourselves. :)) Wooooohooooo! Ang Sarap Mabuhay!

Moment No.1 - food trip at Mezza Norte with the girls. UP Team!

upper box: Mica, Rom and Dionna. lower box: Me, Mia and Kayla
Moment No.2 - dinner at Cafe Xocolat, Katipunan. Yesss we love eating!

More #AngSarapMabuhay moments to come! :)))) Thanks to my instacollage and instagram apps for the pics!


11 Hours in Baguio

CONFESSION: The first and last time I went to Baguio was more than 10 years ago. I was still a prep kid then. It's funny that Baguio is just 4 hours away from our place in Tarlac yet I am not able to go there for a visit or tour.

GO BACK TO BAGUIO. Another item off my bucket list. So many times I attempted to go to Baguio alone or with some group of friends. Unfortunately, my plans did not materialize. BUT.. not this time. Finally, I had the time to visit and explore some tourist spots in Baguio even just for 11 hours.

My friend Loren and I (note: we had a bodyguard with us- Kuya Pikes! hahaha) left Tarlac at around 12 midnight and arrived at Baguio at 4:00am. We were clueless on what to do during that wee hour and so we decided to take an early breakfast and kill time at Cafe Zola.

This "I-am-still-sleepy" face

After eating, we opted to take a walk along Session Road and look for the nearest park which is Burnham Park.

It was so cold in the morning. I think I wore the wrong cardigan/jacket. Good thing I was wearing boots. (I really waited for the time to wear boots in one of my travels. yeahhhhhhh!!!)

Tried the strawberry taho! Yummmmmyyyyy since I love berries :)))

From Burnham, we attended the 6am mass at Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral or more popularly known as Baguio Cathedral.

Right after the mass we had no idea on where to go next. We had no itinerary. We were just relying on where our feet would take us. Good thing, there were a lot of cabs around the area that could take us in some tourist spots. Anyway, the taxi fare was way cheaper compared to those in Manila.

Dandananananan... so below are other places we visited (in order). Please bear with us. hihi. Even though we wanted to have a very organized itinerary, we just chose to be spontaneous. Also, our friends who are studying or living in Baguio were not available to accompany or tour us so sariling sikap talaga. :))))


took a photo with a St. Bernard dog
wearing an Igorot costume
the breath-taking view at Mines View Park
I love my #AngSarapMabuhay hat!!! 

GOOD SHEPHERD- we went here to buy some pasalubong: the ever famous ube jam, peanut brittles and my personal favorite caramel alfajor!!!!



with Loren


Choco-late de Batirol serves the best hot choco in town! MUST TRY!

traditional Baguio hot choco (Php80)


By 2:30pm we were at the Victory Liner Terminal; the bus left at 3:00pm. And that summed up my 11 hours in Baguio. :)

I can't wait for my next travel! More spontaneous travelssssssss.. :)))


Off my bucket list: Be A Model

I always wanted to be a model, grace the cover of a fashion magazine or do a photo shoot just like in America's Next Top Model but due to height shortage and having a not-so-slim body, it became a frustration and just a mere dream.

However, DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! Woot woot! Another item off my bucket list! :)) I am now a model... an image model in my own way and in my own right. hahaha. Thanks to my World Vision family for choosing me to be one of the youth representatives in the organization's 12-hour famine campaign. :)

Here are the outputs of our photo shoot. Let us all unite as one against hunger!!!

with fellow youth advocates :)


Three Birthdays in One

Three of my relatives are celebrating their birthday today and unfortunately, all of them are in the US now.

Happy birthday to my pretty and cool tita, Tita Michelle! :)

my tita loves dogs :))

To one of the kindest uncles in the world, Happy birthday tito Emar!

Lastly, Happy birthday Carmel- our little Dora, my sweet, intelligent and "mataray" cousin.

I LOVE and MISS YOU ALL! Come home to the Philippines, please! :)))))


Happy Birthday Pos!

Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday.. happy birthday..
Happy birthday to you..

To my grade school best friend, I wish you nothing but the happiest and most awesome birthday! :) I'm so  grateful that even though we went to different schools in high school and college, it's as if nothing has changed in our friendship whenever we see each other.

Thank you for being such a supportive and sweet friend! I will never forget the sacrifice you made just to be with me on my 18th birthday. Thank you thank you for everything! I love you to the moon and back. :) I hope all your wishes will come true. Congrats RN! I'm so proud of you.


Happy Birthday Cuz!

To the kindest and most religious person I've ever known, happy happy birthday my dear cousin Nico! :)

I always envy how dedicated and determined you are in everything you do. Plus, you always see the good and positive in people and in other things and I truly admire you for that.

You really deserve everything you have right now. Good luck with your European Language career.

FYI, I attempted to write this post in Spanish but I already forgot what I learned in my Spanish class hahaha (that was two years ago pa kasi).

Feliz CumpleaƱos mi primo! ( I guess this will work? hahaha)


Happy Birthday Migs!

To one of my sons (son talaga? haha. Well, ako kasi nanay nila nung aplikante sila sa org) in UP Sandiwa, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Honestly, Migs was the applicant who challenged me most. Yung memcom powers ko, sumagad. hehe. But good thing, I didn't give up on him because he was worth my patience. Look at him now, he is one of UP Sandiwa's assets. :)

He's very organized, industrious, OC in a good way and determined. Good job Migs! I admire your love for the org. You just don't go with the conventions, you make your own way instead. You're a trailblazer! :)

hahahaha your face!!!!!


Org ID 2012

UP Sandiwa is the official organization of UP Diliman students from Tarlac with an academic, socio-civic and cultural orientation. Here is the org video created in line with Sandiwa's 19th anniversary featuring its resident members.

Disclaimer: We do not own the music Charlie Brown. No copyright infringement intended.

I got goose bumps and I almost cried while and after watching the video. I can't get any prouder of my orgmates, they are the best! I swear this is such a nice video, may concept at talagang pinag-isipan. Mas maganda pa nga to sa station ID ng ABS eh. hehe :) 

The video was shot in UP Diliman and Tarlac. Credits to Noel Lim for doing a good job in editing the video.

Happy Birthday Yamyam!

Spontaneous, understanding, cool- these are are just some of the many words that could describe my very good friend, Yvette Anne Macalino or Yamyam as we fondly call her.

We've known each other since grade school. We're not that close yet during our elementary days but when we stepped in high school, we became close friends and became part of a barkada.

My friendship with Yamyam is a proof that no matter how busy you are, you still find time for your friends.

When we entered college, I thought I was going to lose communication with her and our other friends. But that was just a mere thought. Though our acad works were very demanding, we still made it a point to see each other every once in a while.

Even though Yamyam lived at Espanya and I lived at QC, she was one of my friends who I often get to hang out with way back college - from our random movie nights in Greenhills, night out in Eastwood,  to our food trips in Katipunan, Maginhawa and UP Diliman. Indeed, friendship knows no distance. :)

Until now, even if we are already college graduates and have our respective careers, we still make sure that we spend quality time with our friends. May it be through watching a movie, a road trip or a booze night. :-p

Happy happy birthday yamyam! Thank you for being our driver, our photographer and our financer sometimes (she's the richest in our group hahaha). Thank you for being my driver during my thesis fieldwork, for being my photographer during my graduation party and for being one of my travel buddies! :)) I can't wait for our next adventures! I love you my clingy friend! :)))))

Happy Birthday Ate Mia!

To my "kaladkarin" friend, my big sister, my fellow food and travel junkie, and workmate, HAPPY HAPPIER HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to you!

Ate Mia! You already know my wish for you. I don't need to reveal it here. Welcome happiness SOON! :)

Hoping to spend more travels, food trips and "katakawan" with you. I remembered our summer trip to Lucban one year ago, we were just talking about our dream destinations all throughout the bus ride. If only our conversations could bring us to the places we want to see and explore, I'm sure we are the happiest persons now and we couldn't ask for more. But I know, ONE DAY, SOMEDAY, we are going to see those places.

Some of our travel photos together: at Gerona, Tarlac (Isdaan Resto) and Lucban, Quezon (Pahiyas Festival 2011)

Enjoy your day! Kalimutan muna si Hags kahit one day lang. hihi. Love you sooooooo :))))



UP Sandiwa's 19th Anniversary Celebration held at Good Times Bar, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City on September 01, 2012.

Photo by Migs Gabriel

Photo by Migs Gabriel

UP Sandiwa's incumbent President Jas Pagdanganan giving her welcome remarks. Photo by Migs Gabriel

With some members and alumni of Sandiwa..

Photos by Migs Gabriel. Collage made with Picasa.

It is an annual tradition that the applicants have to perform something in the anniversary night. After the performance, applicants must introduce themselves to the alumni. *grins*

Applicants introducing themselves to everyone. Photo by Migs Gabriel
The alumni present during the 19th anniversary celebration of Sandiwa..

Biruin mo, alumni na nga pala ako. hahaha. Sabi nga ni ate inna, "Coz we age beautifully. :)" Photo by Migs Gabriel

Of course the event wouldn't end without a complete group picture of Sandiwa resident members, alumni and applicants.


Sandiwa really never fails to paint a smile on my face. I love them like forever. Haha how cheesy can this get? Must stop now. Kbye. :)

Happy Birthday Kuya Ico!

A happy, awesome and amazing birthday to one of my most favorite people in this side of the universe, Kuya Ico Aganon!!!!! :)))

Kuya Ico plays a lot of roles in my life: a very good friend, an orgmate, an adviser, my daddehhh, big bro (literally and figuratively.. LOL peace), and my human teddy bear. Diba ang dami? haha. But seriously speaking, he's one of the best and I am very lucky to be his friend.

We first met when I was in first year high school. I had a crush on him then (nung payat pa siya). Ok you got me. Alam ko naman gustong-gusto mo na inaamin ko 'to eh. hahahaha. Then after four years, we met again in UP when I was applying in the org we both love. Thanks to UP Sandiwa because we became closer. :)

Kuya Ico!!!! Thank you so much for always being there for me. Thank you for always encouraging me and lifting my spirit (especially during my EB days). Thank you for sharing your stories to me and for the trust. You know how much I love you! :))) I'm just a call, a text, or a tweet away. Looking forward to more random nights, kwentuhan, chikahan, pandadaot (haha mean mode) and hopefully travel and adventures with you (tulad nung Batanes trip natin). HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! LOVE YOUUUUUU from the bottom of my hypothalamus. :))))

Last night's advance birthday dinner. Photo courtesy of Tel Manzano


A UP Fighting Maroon fanatic's heartbreaking story

I watched the UP vs. UE men's basketball game today. It was my first live game of this season (UAAP Season75). I had high hopes that my college Alma Mater's team (UP Fighting Maroons) would win the game because UP defeated UE in Round 1.

Before the game, this is how Tel and I looked like:

Photo courtesy of Tel Manzano

Happy faces, right?? But after the game, our faces were indescribable.

I was heartbroken again and again. Of all the games that I watched live, this was the most heartbreaking, devastating and depressing. Why? Because both teams were tied in the last few seconds of the final quarter and then UE won the match by a buzzer beater three point shot!!! How cool was that??? Naahhhhhh. NOOOO WAYYYYYYY!!!

UP Maroons in a huddle during a timeout. Photo courtesy of Tel Manzano

Can I just say? I wanted to cry after the game. Seriously, kung hindi lang kahihiyan ko ang nakasalalay kaninang nasa MOA Arena ako eh humagulgol at nagwala na ako sa loob. ANG SAKIT KAYA NG NANGYARI! Oh well, that's life.

Even though UP MBT keeps on breaking my heart in every lost game, I will always say that I still love them. That will never change. Every after a lost game, lagi kong sinasabi "ihhh. ayoko na! ayoko ng panoorin games ng UP MBT." But in the end, I always eat what I say. For such unknown reasons, I am compelled in watching their games mapa-TV man or live yan. If only I have the luxury of time and money, lagi akong manonood ng live. Iba rin kaya yung feeling na kasama mong nagchi-cheer yung schoolmates mo. School spirit goooooooo!

Nevertheless, it is always worth cheering for my team (especially last season and this season) kasi makikita mo talaga yung effort nila. Kahit tambak na, hindi sila panghihinaan ng loob. They'll do everything just to cut down the lead and hopefully be victorious.

I WILL FOREVER SUPPORT AND CHEER FOR THE UP FIGHTING MAROONS . Hey, there's a fanatic over here!!!! #UPFight

Well, this is just another story of my life as a UAAP basketball addict and UP Fighting Maroon fanatic.