11 Hours in Baguio

CONFESSION: The first and last time I went to Baguio was more than 10 years ago. I was still a prep kid then. It's funny that Baguio is just 4 hours away from our place in Tarlac yet I am not able to go there for a visit or tour.

GO BACK TO BAGUIO. Another item off my bucket list. So many times I attempted to go to Baguio alone or with some group of friends. Unfortunately, my plans did not materialize. BUT.. not this time. Finally, I had the time to visit and explore some tourist spots in Baguio even just for 11 hours.

My friend Loren and I (note: we had a bodyguard with us- Kuya Pikes! hahaha) left Tarlac at around 12 midnight and arrived at Baguio at 4:00am. We were clueless on what to do during that wee hour and so we decided to take an early breakfast and kill time at Cafe Zola.

This "I-am-still-sleepy" face

After eating, we opted to take a walk along Session Road and look for the nearest park which is Burnham Park.

It was so cold in the morning. I think I wore the wrong cardigan/jacket. Good thing I was wearing boots. (I really waited for the time to wear boots in one of my travels. yeahhhhhhh!!!)

Tried the strawberry taho! Yummmmmyyyyy since I love berries :)))

From Burnham, we attended the 6am mass at Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral or more popularly known as Baguio Cathedral.

Right after the mass we had no idea on where to go next. We had no itinerary. We were just relying on where our feet would take us. Good thing, there were a lot of cabs around the area that could take us in some tourist spots. Anyway, the taxi fare was way cheaper compared to those in Manila.

Dandananananan... so below are other places we visited (in order). Please bear with us. hihi. Even though we wanted to have a very organized itinerary, we just chose to be spontaneous. Also, our friends who are studying or living in Baguio were not available to accompany or tour us so sariling sikap talaga. :))))


took a photo with a St. Bernard dog
wearing an Igorot costume
the breath-taking view at Mines View Park
I love my #AngSarapMabuhay hat!!! 

GOOD SHEPHERD- we went here to buy some pasalubong: the ever famous ube jam, peanut brittles and my personal favorite caramel alfajor!!!!



with Loren


Choco-late de Batirol serves the best hot choco in town! MUST TRY!

traditional Baguio hot choco (Php80)


By 2:30pm we were at the Victory Liner Terminal; the bus left at 3:00pm. And that summed up my 11 hours in Baguio. :)

I can't wait for my next travel! More spontaneous travelssssssss.. :)))

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