#AngSarapMabuhay: Moment No. 1 & 2

#AngSarapMabuhay - a term coined by my workmates in my first job. If you're wondering why we came up with this term, I think it's better to keep it among ourselves. :)) Wooooohooooo! Ang Sarap Mabuhay!

Moment No.1 - food trip at Mezza Norte with the girls. UP Team!

upper box: Mica, Rom and Dionna. lower box: Me, Mia and Kayla
Moment No.2 - dinner at Cafe Xocolat, Katipunan. Yesss we love eating!

More #AngSarapMabuhay moments to come! :)))) Thanks to my instacollage and instagram apps for the pics!

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