Happy Birthday Ate Mia!

To my "kaladkarin" friend, my big sister, my fellow food and travel junkie, and workmate, HAPPY HAPPIER HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to you!

Ate Mia! You already know my wish for you. I don't need to reveal it here. Welcome happiness SOON! :)

Hoping to spend more travels, food trips and "katakawan" with you. I remembered our summer trip to Lucban one year ago, we were just talking about our dream destinations all throughout the bus ride. If only our conversations could bring us to the places we want to see and explore, I'm sure we are the happiest persons now and we couldn't ask for more. But I know, ONE DAY, SOMEDAY, we are going to see those places.

Some of our travel photos together: at Gerona, Tarlac (Isdaan Resto) and Lucban, Quezon (Pahiyas Festival 2011)

Enjoy your day! Kalimutan muna si Hags kahit one day lang. hihi. Love you sooooooo :))))

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