Happy Birthday Kuya Ico!

A happy, awesome and amazing birthday to one of my most favorite people in this side of the universe, Kuya Ico Aganon!!!!! :)))

Kuya Ico plays a lot of roles in my life: a very good friend, an orgmate, an adviser, my daddehhh, big bro (literally and figuratively.. LOL peace), and my human teddy bear. Diba ang dami? haha. But seriously speaking, he's one of the best and I am very lucky to be his friend.

We first met when I was in first year high school. I had a crush on him then (nung payat pa siya). Ok you got me. Alam ko naman gustong-gusto mo na inaamin ko 'to eh. hahahaha. Then after four years, we met again in UP when I was applying in the org we both love. Thanks to UP Sandiwa because we became closer. :)

Kuya Ico!!!! Thank you so much for always being there for me. Thank you for always encouraging me and lifting my spirit (especially during my EB days). Thank you for sharing your stories to me and for the trust. You know how much I love you! :))) I'm just a call, a text, or a tweet away. Looking forward to more random nights, kwentuhan, chikahan, pandadaot (haha mean mode) and hopefully travel and adventures with you (tulad nung Batanes trip natin). HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! LOVE YOUUUUUU from the bottom of my hypothalamus. :))))

Last night's advance birthday dinner. Photo courtesy of Tel Manzano

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