Happy Birthday Yamyam!

Spontaneous, understanding, cool- these are are just some of the many words that could describe my very good friend, Yvette Anne Macalino or Yamyam as we fondly call her.

We've known each other since grade school. We're not that close yet during our elementary days but when we stepped in high school, we became close friends and became part of a barkada.

My friendship with Yamyam is a proof that no matter how busy you are, you still find time for your friends.

When we entered college, I thought I was going to lose communication with her and our other friends. But that was just a mere thought. Though our acad works were very demanding, we still made it a point to see each other every once in a while.

Even though Yamyam lived at Espanya and I lived at QC, she was one of my friends who I often get to hang out with way back college - from our random movie nights in Greenhills, night out in Eastwood,  to our food trips in Katipunan, Maginhawa and UP Diliman. Indeed, friendship knows no distance. :)

Until now, even if we are already college graduates and have our respective careers, we still make sure that we spend quality time with our friends. May it be through watching a movie, a road trip or a booze night. :-p

Happy happy birthday yamyam! Thank you for being our driver, our photographer and our financer sometimes (she's the richest in our group hahaha). Thank you for being my driver during my thesis fieldwork, for being my photographer during my graduation party and for being one of my travel buddies! :)) I can't wait for our next adventures! I love you my clingy friend! :)))))

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