A UP Fighting Maroon fanatic's heartbreaking story

I watched the UP vs. UE men's basketball game today. It was my first live game of this season (UAAP Season75). I had high hopes that my college Alma Mater's team (UP Fighting Maroons) would win the game because UP defeated UE in Round 1.

Before the game, this is how Tel and I looked like:

Photo courtesy of Tel Manzano

Happy faces, right?? But after the game, our faces were indescribable.

I was heartbroken again and again. Of all the games that I watched live, this was the most heartbreaking, devastating and depressing. Why? Because both teams were tied in the last few seconds of the final quarter and then UE won the match by a buzzer beater three point shot!!! How cool was that??? Naahhhhhh. NOOOO WAYYYYYYY!!!

UP Maroons in a huddle during a timeout. Photo courtesy of Tel Manzano

Can I just say? I wanted to cry after the game. Seriously, kung hindi lang kahihiyan ko ang nakasalalay kaninang nasa MOA Arena ako eh humagulgol at nagwala na ako sa loob. ANG SAKIT KAYA NG NANGYARI! Oh well, that's life.

Even though UP MBT keeps on breaking my heart in every lost game, I will always say that I still love them. That will never change. Every after a lost game, lagi kong sinasabi "ihhh. ayoko na! ayoko ng panoorin games ng UP MBT." But in the end, I always eat what I say. For such unknown reasons, I am compelled in watching their games mapa-TV man or live yan. If only I have the luxury of time and money, lagi akong manonood ng live. Iba rin kaya yung feeling na kasama mong nagchi-cheer yung schoolmates mo. School spirit goooooooo!

Nevertheless, it is always worth cheering for my team (especially last season and this season) kasi makikita mo talaga yung effort nila. Kahit tambak na, hindi sila panghihinaan ng loob. They'll do everything just to cut down the lead and hopefully be victorious.

I WILL FOREVER SUPPORT AND CHEER FOR THE UP FIGHTING MAROONS . Hey, there's a fanatic over here!!!! #UPFight

Well, this is just another story of my life as a UAAP basketball addict and UP Fighting Maroon fanatic.

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