TALES OF A FOODIE: Food-stuffing at Katipunan

Next to Maginhawa Street (located in UP Village), I have to say that Katipunan is my second favorite hang out spot especially when it comes to eating or dining out because just like Maginhawa, a lot of food establishments are situated along Katipunan Avenue.

After a long and tiresome day yesterday, I thought of treating myself at Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe for a super late lunch.

Baked Chicken Macaroni with bread (140), Toblerone Walnut Torte (110) and Blue Lemonade (55 per glass)

During dinner time, I met up with my friends (Loren and Yam). We dined at Banapple (the branch located along the side of Red Garlic). My friends and I love eating at Banapple because of the budget-friendly food and desserts. Plus, their serving is worth every penny. :)

Blueberry Cheesecake (100), Asian Crabstick and Mango Salad Sandwich (130), Apple Caramel Crumble Pie (100),  Boneless Bangus Belly a la Pobre (175)

with my foodie buddies! 

Whenever I'm at Katip, I always get this feeling of "Geeez!!! I want to try all these restos" or the question "Where to eat? Where to eat??!!!" clouds my mind. Haaay if only I have several money, I will definitely go there everyday. I will dine at one or two resto per day. :))))


The "Zombification" of a Friend

Halloween is just around the corner so Halloween parties are happening here and there. And while I am writing this blog post, my friend Sean is probably enjoying the Halloween party organized by his workmates.

I just want to share how my friend Bremn and I helped him to come up with a zombie or "Walking Dead-ish" look (because we are supportive like that). Actually, it was Bremn who did all the make-up.  I think he worked on it for more than 2 hours. I was just B's assistant for the day and I just took care of the documentation part. hahaha.

Soooooooo...*drum roll please*... Here is the transformation of Sean into a zombie or scary creature. Awooooooo!!!

Detailed photos of Sean's zombie look

don't they look real?????!!???
Sean thought of having this look because he wanted to win the prize in the Best in Halloween Costume (how competitive hahahaha). We were expecting he'd win because the outcome of the make-up looked realistic. BUT!!!.. after driving Sean at the event, we received a text message from him only to find out that they (the newbies in his work) are not part of the contest. How cool is that HUH???!!!! For that, you deserve an A+ for the effort. Bremn and I just ended up laughing at him. hahaha sorry Sean.  Anyway, you're still the best zombie for us (pampalubag loob). :)))))


Throwback Thursday: From a fan girl with LOVE

Dear Ian Somerhalder, you will always be my number 1 Hollywood crush!!!!! I was the luckiest girl alive when I had a photo opportunity with you (May 24, 2012). Haaaaayyyyy :)))))

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Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy happy birthday Papa!!! Thank you for being such a responsible father. Also, I wanna thank you for being so supportive! Thank you for supporting me in my newest endeavor! You know I'm not just doing this for myself, but also for you, for Mama and for the whole family because I want to make all of you prouder of me.

I'm so grateful because you understood my decision to pursue what I wanted and the path I chose to take. You never dictated me on what to do with my life, you always trusted my choices.

Though I don't say I love you through words, I hope you know how much I do through my actions. Actions speak louder than words right? Haha. I did my best not to disappoint you that's why I worked so hard to graduate on time and with flying colors pa (kayi eku rin mekyasawang agad o). Oha. Hahahaha.

Lastly, the best thing I like about you is you always keep your words. I can't even remember any single promise you broke. When you promise or say something, you always do it on time. Sometimes, too early pa nga eh. Thank you thank you thank you so much Papa! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

NY Yankees fan over here!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Tita Rowen!

Sending my birthday greetings all the way to Chicago!! A happiest birthday to my tita Rowen! Have an awesome one :)

We miss you!


Travel Weekend: Beach Bumming at Magalawa Island

It is not yet summer time yet I already hit the beach! Such an early bird huh? :))) The odds were in our favor! Hohoho! Thank goodness, it did not rain when my tita and I went to Palauig, Zambales to visit one of the province's hidden beautiful and serene beach/island - Magalawa Island.

We were the only ones (I meant tourists) in the island. It was as if we were in a private island getaway. Ang sarap pala ng feeling pag solo mo yung isang napakalaking place (how I wish sobrang yaman ko para makabili ako ng sariling island o kahit bahay-baksyunan man lang na malayo sa gulo at ingay.)

Magalawa Island is a good place for beach bumming because only few people visit the place. It is not yet fully-developed and commercialized unlike Boracay. Though Magalawa's sand is white, it isn't as fine and white as Boracay's. But at least, you don't need to fly all the way to Aklan or other beaches in Visayas. Magalawa is just 4-5 hours drive away from Manila and 5-minute boat ride from Palauig drop-off point.

like a giddy kid enjoying the beach

The Magalawa duo.. I thought my Tita and I will get bored but it wasn't that boring after all. Sometimes you just need to try something new for experience.

Happy Birthday Nhx!

Happy happy birthday to my friend since grade school - Diane Nicole H. Conde but whom we fondly call as Nhx or Nikki.

She's a fighter and one of the bravest people I've met in my entire life (literally and figuratively). Literally, she's a taekwondo black-belter and figuratively speaking, she would always face problems and obstacles with a brave heart.

To my friend who swore who will NEVER trek or climb a mountain again (hahaha), I wish you nothing but the most awesome birthday! Cheers to more years of booze night, stress-eating and of course, friendship. I love you to the moon and back :)))))

at the top of Capones Island's light house. Summer 2012.


Happy Birthday Thon!

Happy happy birthday to my grade school classmate and one of my close friends, Anthony Fred B. Mendoza!!!!

When we were still in grade school, we were friends already but not as close as now. For me, it sounds weird that we didn't become that close when we were classmates. We only became close towards the end of our college years. Better late than never huh? :)

Anyway, I'm just so happy right now that we're closer than ever! Though Thon is very "meldy" and "maarte" sometimes, we know how much he loves his friends. There are times I would randomly receive text messages from him saying "Miss ko na kayo :(" [in fact GM yan pero alam ko naman kung sinu-sino ang mga nakakatanggap nung ganung message. hehe]. Kahit naman mataray at maingay yan, sweet naman siya. Ohaaaa! Ohhh iyak ka na! hahahaha.

ohh may attitude talaga eh! :p
Recently, he asked one of our friends about my treatment to him "Bakit si yanyan nung hindi pa kami close, ang bait-bait niya sa akin? Pero ngayong close na kami, ang taray at sungit niya sa akin." Well Thon,  now you know why. I don't need to explain it here. Only my real and true friends know the reason and you're one of them. Don't get me wrong if I am "mataray" to you sometimes, okay? haha!

during our trip at Anawangin. Umextra pa talaga si kuya tour guide sa gilid! haha :)))
We miss you already! Can't wait to hang out with you again! Wag masyadong workaholic.