Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy happy birthday Papa!!! Thank you for being such a responsible father. Also, I wanna thank you for being so supportive! Thank you for supporting me in my newest endeavor! You know I'm not just doing this for myself, but also for you, for Mama and for the whole family because I want to make all of you prouder of me.

I'm so grateful because you understood my decision to pursue what I wanted and the path I chose to take. You never dictated me on what to do with my life, you always trusted my choices.

Though I don't say I love you through words, I hope you know how much I do through my actions. Actions speak louder than words right? Haha. I did my best not to disappoint you that's why I worked so hard to graduate on time and with flying colors pa (kayi eku rin mekyasawang agad o). Oha. Hahahaha.

Lastly, the best thing I like about you is you always keep your words. I can't even remember any single promise you broke. When you promise or say something, you always do it on time. Sometimes, too early pa nga eh. Thank you thank you thank you so much Papa! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

NY Yankees fan over here!!!!!!

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