Happy Birthday Thon!

Happy happy birthday to my grade school classmate and one of my close friends, Anthony Fred B. Mendoza!!!!

When we were still in grade school, we were friends already but not as close as now. For me, it sounds weird that we didn't become that close when we were classmates. We only became close towards the end of our college years. Better late than never huh? :)

Anyway, I'm just so happy right now that we're closer than ever! Though Thon is very "meldy" and "maarte" sometimes, we know how much he loves his friends. There are times I would randomly receive text messages from him saying "Miss ko na kayo :(" [in fact GM yan pero alam ko naman kung sinu-sino ang mga nakakatanggap nung ganung message. hehe]. Kahit naman mataray at maingay yan, sweet naman siya. Ohaaaa! Ohhh iyak ka na! hahahaha.

ohh may attitude talaga eh! :p
Recently, he asked one of our friends about my treatment to him "Bakit si yanyan nung hindi pa kami close, ang bait-bait niya sa akin? Pero ngayong close na kami, ang taray at sungit niya sa akin." Well Thon,  now you know why. I don't need to explain it here. Only my real and true friends know the reason and you're one of them. Don't get me wrong if I am "mataray" to you sometimes, okay? haha!

during our trip at Anawangin. Umextra pa talaga si kuya tour guide sa gilid! haha :)))
We miss you already! Can't wait to hang out with you again! Wag masyadong workaholic.

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