The "Zombification" of a Friend

Halloween is just around the corner so Halloween parties are happening here and there. And while I am writing this blog post, my friend Sean is probably enjoying the Halloween party organized by his workmates.

I just want to share how my friend Bremn and I helped him to come up with a zombie or "Walking Dead-ish" look (because we are supportive like that). Actually, it was Bremn who did all the make-up.  I think he worked on it for more than 2 hours. I was just B's assistant for the day and I just took care of the documentation part. hahaha.

Soooooooo...*drum roll please*... Here is the transformation of Sean into a zombie or scary creature. Awooooooo!!!

Detailed photos of Sean's zombie look

don't they look real?????!!???
Sean thought of having this look because he wanted to win the prize in the Best in Halloween Costume (how competitive hahahaha). We were expecting he'd win because the outcome of the make-up looked realistic. BUT!!!.. after driving Sean at the event, we received a text message from him only to find out that they (the newbies in his work) are not part of the contest. How cool is that HUH???!!!! For that, you deserve an A+ for the effort. Bremn and I just ended up laughing at him. hahaha sorry Sean.  Anyway, you're still the best zombie for us (pampalubag loob). :)))))

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