Happy Birthday Deng!

To one of the most loyal and supportive friends in this world, my best friend since grade school and the most protective friend ever, wishing you a happy happy birthday!!!!! :))) I know you are enjoying your Kuala Lumpur vacation while I am writing this post. You deserve it. You really deserve to be happy. :)

Even though we rarely see each other, we both know that nothing has changed in our friendship. We've been through a lot and I can't get any prouder of our friendship. Nothing or no one tore us apart. And nothing or no one can ever do such.

Happy happy birthday Deng! Thank you for being one of the most amazing friends ever!!!! Love you sooooo!!!


TALES OF A FOODIE: Oinkyyyyy Days

Dinner with my orgmates at Don-Day Korean Restaurant, Malingap St. UP Village. Photo via instagram and instacollage

Anton's late birthday treat at YakiMix, The Podium

 Photo via instagram and instacollage
Eat all you can/buffet dinner = PIG OUT DAYS!!! Aaaaaaahhh I love love love eating! What happened to my plan of taking the road to fitness or road to gaining back my 2009 body??? Hello fatness na ba?? Waaaahhh I need to exercise and add more laps in jogging!!!


Happy Birthday Friend!

Happy happy birthday to one of the best-est friends ever - Bahm.

Friend!!! I can't believe another year has passed and we're still "hopia" level (you know what I mean). haha. I know it sucks but remember our mantra? "It will come. SOON." :))) Happiness is on its way. :))) For the meantime, just enjoy whatever you have today. You are blessed with so many good things and loving people including your family and friends (ehemmm).

Two years ago, we were this..

..we were college students aiming to graduate at one of our country's prestigious universities. Now, we made it (nauna lang ako ng isang sem sayo). I'm so happy you'll finally get to wear your sablay come graduation rites. I know what you've gone through in college yet you never gave up. I admire you for that. You can finally bid your goodbyes to Physics and Math! :))))) yahoooooo!!!!! Really friend, I'm so happy for you and of course, I'm proud of you :) *insert please pursue your med dream comment here*

Moving on, I tried not to make this post a cheesy one but sorry friend, you know me well. But no matter who I am, you accepted my flaws and shortcomings. You never judged me. Instead, you get along and tolerated my cheesy, jologs side (as much as I tolerated your creative photo shoots).  hahaha now we're even. :p

But seriously, thank you so much for the long years of genuine friendship!
No matter how crazy this world gets, no matter how ugly or candid our faces can be..

..no matter how "sabog" or wasted our faces are..

..you always got my back, my side, et al. Happy birthday! Cheers to more years of friendship, crazy nights, random trips and spontaneous adventures :) I love you friend!


Happy Birthday Tito Hilbert!

To my techie and one of the most amazing titos in the whole world, wishing you a happy and awesome birthday!!!!

I admire him so much especially on how he (of course, together with tita Pam) raised his two lovely children -Julia and Mikkel. Also, he is one of the most patient persons I know (our Skype conversations can attest to that) - when Julia is acting up as a super "makulit" and "pasaway" child. hahahaha.

Moreover, thank you tito for keeping your promises. When you asked me what "pasalubong" I want when you came home in the Philippines, you really made the effort to buy them even though they are a bit hard to find. hehe. When we went to Ilocos, you promised that we will visit Vigan and some beaches. Just when I thought we wouldn't be able to see these places due to a short time, you still found the time to bring me there. Lastly, we had a deal that if I graduated in college with honors, you will pay my Palawan trip and you sure did. These are just some of the things that made me appreciate you more and feel how lucky I am to have a tito like you. How cheesy can this blog post get? hahaha must stop now.

Again, happy happy birthday tito! I hope to see you again soon.


Happy Birthday Tita Mhu!

To the funniest and craziest tita in this side of the universe, happy happy birthday!

Thank you Tita Mhu for adding spice and fun in every single conversation we have. You never run out of stories especially during our "chika" moments. hahaha! That's why.. never a silent moment whenever we're together. :))) More so, your loud personality echoes how kind your heart is. Love you Tita Mhu!!! :**


TALES OF A FOODIE: Belgian Chocolate Feast

If there's one thing that could narrate my day today, my sweet tooth can do the talking. Aaaaahhhh I love chocolates! My cousin and I went all the way to Makati just to visit and try Chocolate Fire.

We ordered:
-Solid Love Heart (25 pesos each)
-Lemon Lime Summer Leaves (40 pesos each)
-Dipped Pringles in Plain, Cheese or Sour Cream Flavor (15 pesos each)
-Strawberry Strawberries (20 pesos each)
-Almond and Dried Apple in White Chocolate (180 pesos each)
-Dipped Fresh Strawberry (95 pesos each)

Yeahhh. I know the price is not budget-friendly. :( BUT for the sake of  a "chocolate experience", we tried it and thankfully, the chocolates were worth-tasting. The chocolate used was not an ordinary one. They used Belgian chocolate. According to BelgiumChocolate, "For over a hundred years, the Belgian chocolate making tradition has become the world standard for luxurious desserts. Each year, the country exports over 100,000 tons of chocolate from its over 2,500 chocolate makers - carrying on a tradition of hand-made recipes, Belgian chocolate combines high quality cocoa with hand-made recipes to produce a unique flavor."

Chocolate Fire is located along the busy street of Makati. For more details, you may visit Chocolate Fire's facebook page or their website: Chocolate Fire.


One Blissful Night

Better late than never. Belated Happy Halloween!!!! 

Never a boring or dull moment with these people: my family plus our "adopted family members" (the beks- Tabs, Thon and Bahm)

Attendance Shots!

Group Pic No. 1

Group Pic No. 2

Group Pic No. 3

AND FINALLY.. featuring the cast of Becky Nights: Buern Rodriguez, Divine Lee, Matt Gozun and Jake Galvez!!! :))))

Yehesssssss!!! Level-up na naman ang blog ko! hahaha. This is my first ever blog post containing a .gif file. Bravaaaaaa to me! hohohoho :)))))


So far yet so near

How would you feel spending holidays and special occasions far from your loved ones? Sad isn't it? For years, my family and relatives who are here in the Philippines have been spending several occasions with an incomplete feeling because some of our loved ones are living or working abroad.

Some years ago, we could only communicate with them either through the traditional mail or buying a hundred peso worth of long distance card just to hear their voices and talk to them even just for few minutes. But thanks to modern technology specifically the Internet! It somehow alleviated the sadness and discomfort we feel come special occasions or holidays. Now, we somehow feel complete because we are able to see, talk and celebrate with them as if they are with us.

Thanks to the FaceTime feature of my iPad. I can call and talk to my aunt and other iPad/iPhone users anytime as long as there is wifi connection. Below are pictures of us "FaceTime-ing" with my Tita Hilda after visiting the cemetery and during Gian's birthday celebration.

terno shirts!!! A proof of how supportive we are :))) hahaha

Before I got hook in using FaceTime, there was Skype. Though I still use Skype sometimes.

"Skype-ing" with some of my favorite people..

Early this morning, I talked to my gorgeous cousin Julia and my techie tito Hilbert for more than 2 hours! 

Carmel - our little Dora, and her mom - Tita Rowen
Finally, the most amazing technology and super worth it gadget we availed was magicJack! It's like a USB and then there's a cord wherein you need to attach it in a telephone. As long as you have internet connection, you can call your relatives in the US anytime for only 20 dollars (or I think they already had a price increase) per year of subscription. Isn't it worth it? I'm telling you it is! We've been using magicJack since 2010 and it really made things easier for us to communicate with our loved ones in US (however, you can only make calls within United States).

see? I can call my Papa and other relatives anytime

It's amazing how the internet and other modern gadgets were able to bridge the gap of long distance relationships (I'm not only pertaining to romantic relationships).

P.S. Endorser lang ang peg? ;)


Tidbits of Halloween

I love seeing people in their Halloween costumes especially KIDS! :))) Kids nowadays are very competitive when it comes to their Halloween attire, may they be dressed as a Princess, a witch or a fairy but whatever costume they wear, kids really look cute and adorbs!!! ahhhhh kagigil! Soooooo.. I grabbed some photos from friends and relatives who dressed up their kids for Halloween and posted cutie patoootie pictures in facebook. :))) Ready to see the cute kids??? I AM!!!!

Here is my cousin Carmel dressed as a bumblebee. She's the cutest bumblebee I've ever seen!

Photo was taken the night before they went for a trick or treat at Chicago. She was super excited! Photo by Tita Rowen
During the trick or treat.. Cutieee carmel with some kagigil babies!!!!! I wanna pinch their cheeks!!!! Photo by Tita Rowen

Another cousin of mine, Andrea, dressed as a fairy. :)))

Photo also taken in Chicago. Photo by Tita Rhoda
Even a baby dressed up for Halloween! She's super duper adorable in her pink skeleton outfit. :)

The daughter of a family friend also from Chicago. Photo by Sharifa Canapi
My tita who lives in Texas also participated in a trick or treat though she didn't dress up as someone.

Happy Halloween!!! Photo by Tita Hilda
Of course, this post wouldn't be just about Halloween overseas. My cousin Nigel as himself.. his madungis look. :)) He's still handsome though. Philippines represent! Kamowwwwnnnnn!!! :)))

Nigel's own version of Halloween look. Photo by Tita Janeth
Another representative from the Philippines.. yours truly (feeling kiddo pa rin). hahahaha. This was taken during our Halloween Party last year. Sorry maipilit lang na may picture ako sa post na to. Competitive! Lol

geeky look

Lastly, I want to share this video created through Jibjab by a fellow fan. Presenting the cast of one of my favorite TV series- The Vampire Diaries!!! Woooohooooo love you Damon forever!!

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