TALES OF A FOODIE: Belgian Chocolate Feast

If there's one thing that could narrate my day today, my sweet tooth can do the talking. Aaaaahhhh I love chocolates! My cousin and I went all the way to Makati just to visit and try Chocolate Fire.

We ordered:
-Solid Love Heart (25 pesos each)
-Lemon Lime Summer Leaves (40 pesos each)
-Dipped Pringles in Plain, Cheese or Sour Cream Flavor (15 pesos each)
-Strawberry Strawberries (20 pesos each)
-Almond and Dried Apple in White Chocolate (180 pesos each)
-Dipped Fresh Strawberry (95 pesos each)

Yeahhh. I know the price is not budget-friendly. :( BUT for the sake of  a "chocolate experience", we tried it and thankfully, the chocolates were worth-tasting. The chocolate used was not an ordinary one. They used Belgian chocolate. According to BelgiumChocolate, "For over a hundred years, the Belgian chocolate making tradition has become the world standard for luxurious desserts. Each year, the country exports over 100,000 tons of chocolate from its over 2,500 chocolate makers - carrying on a tradition of hand-made recipes, Belgian chocolate combines high quality cocoa with hand-made recipes to produce a unique flavor."

Chocolate Fire is located along the busy street of Makati. For more details, you may visit Chocolate Fire's facebook page or their website: Chocolate Fire.

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