Happy Birthday Friend!

Happy happy birthday to one of the best-est friends ever - Bahm.

Friend!!! I can't believe another year has passed and we're still "hopia" level (you know what I mean). haha. I know it sucks but remember our mantra? "It will come. SOON." :))) Happiness is on its way. :))) For the meantime, just enjoy whatever you have today. You are blessed with so many good things and loving people including your family and friends (ehemmm).

Two years ago, we were this..

..we were college students aiming to graduate at one of our country's prestigious universities. Now, we made it (nauna lang ako ng isang sem sayo). I'm so happy you'll finally get to wear your sablay come graduation rites. I know what you've gone through in college yet you never gave up. I admire you for that. You can finally bid your goodbyes to Physics and Math! :))))) yahoooooo!!!!! Really friend, I'm so happy for you and of course, I'm proud of you :) *insert please pursue your med dream comment here*

Moving on, I tried not to make this post a cheesy one but sorry friend, you know me well. But no matter who I am, you accepted my flaws and shortcomings. You never judged me. Instead, you get along and tolerated my cheesy, jologs side (as much as I tolerated your creative photo shoots).  hahaha now we're even. :p

But seriously, thank you so much for the long years of genuine friendship!
No matter how crazy this world gets, no matter how ugly or candid our faces can be..

..no matter how "sabog" or wasted our faces are..

..you always got my back, my side, et al. Happy birthday! Cheers to more years of friendship, crazy nights, random trips and spontaneous adventures :) I love you friend!

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