So far yet so near

How would you feel spending holidays and special occasions far from your loved ones? Sad isn't it? For years, my family and relatives who are here in the Philippines have been spending several occasions with an incomplete feeling because some of our loved ones are living or working abroad.

Some years ago, we could only communicate with them either through the traditional mail or buying a hundred peso worth of long distance card just to hear their voices and talk to them even just for few minutes. But thanks to modern technology specifically the Internet! It somehow alleviated the sadness and discomfort we feel come special occasions or holidays. Now, we somehow feel complete because we are able to see, talk and celebrate with them as if they are with us.

Thanks to the FaceTime feature of my iPad. I can call and talk to my aunt and other iPad/iPhone users anytime as long as there is wifi connection. Below are pictures of us "FaceTime-ing" with my Tita Hilda after visiting the cemetery and during Gian's birthday celebration.

terno shirts!!! A proof of how supportive we are :))) hahaha

Before I got hook in using FaceTime, there was Skype. Though I still use Skype sometimes.

"Skype-ing" with some of my favorite people..

Early this morning, I talked to my gorgeous cousin Julia and my techie tito Hilbert for more than 2 hours! 

Carmel - our little Dora, and her mom - Tita Rowen
Finally, the most amazing technology and super worth it gadget we availed was magicJack! It's like a USB and then there's a cord wherein you need to attach it in a telephone. As long as you have internet connection, you can call your relatives in the US anytime for only 20 dollars (or I think they already had a price increase) per year of subscription. Isn't it worth it? I'm telling you it is! We've been using magicJack since 2010 and it really made things easier for us to communicate with our loved ones in US (however, you can only make calls within United States).

see? I can call my Papa and other relatives anytime

It's amazing how the internet and other modern gadgets were able to bridge the gap of long distance relationships (I'm not only pertaining to romantic relationships).

P.S. Endorser lang ang peg? ;)

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