Tidbits of Halloween

I love seeing people in their Halloween costumes especially KIDS! :))) Kids nowadays are very competitive when it comes to their Halloween attire, may they be dressed as a Princess, a witch or a fairy but whatever costume they wear, kids really look cute and adorbs!!! ahhhhh kagigil! Soooooo.. I grabbed some photos from friends and relatives who dressed up their kids for Halloween and posted cutie patoootie pictures in facebook. :))) Ready to see the cute kids??? I AM!!!!

Here is my cousin Carmel dressed as a bumblebee. She's the cutest bumblebee I've ever seen!

Photo was taken the night before they went for a trick or treat at Chicago. She was super excited! Photo by Tita Rowen
During the trick or treat.. Cutieee carmel with some kagigil babies!!!!! I wanna pinch their cheeks!!!! Photo by Tita Rowen

Another cousin of mine, Andrea, dressed as a fairy. :)))

Photo also taken in Chicago. Photo by Tita Rhoda
Even a baby dressed up for Halloween! She's super duper adorable in her pink skeleton outfit. :)

The daughter of a family friend also from Chicago. Photo by Sharifa Canapi
My tita who lives in Texas also participated in a trick or treat though she didn't dress up as someone.

Happy Halloween!!! Photo by Tita Hilda
Of course, this post wouldn't be just about Halloween overseas. My cousin Nigel as himself.. his madungis look. :)) He's still handsome though. Philippines represent! Kamowwwwnnnnn!!! :)))

Nigel's own version of Halloween look. Photo by Tita Janeth
Another representative from the Philippines.. yours truly (feeling kiddo pa rin). hahahaha. This was taken during our Halloween Party last year. Sorry maipilit lang na may picture ako sa post na to. Competitive! Lol

geeky look

Lastly, I want to share this video created through Jibjab by a fellow fan. Presenting the cast of one of my favorite TV series- The Vampire Diaries!!! Woooohooooo love you Damon forever!!

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