A Birthday Like No Other

Whew! Another year has passed! I can't imagine I'm alreadyyyyy twenTEEN-one years old. Can you believe it? I'm still a teen. Woot woot!! (insert confetti, balloons and fireworks here) hahaha. Kidding aside, I thought this day would end just like any ordinary day again. BUT, THANKS TO MY FAMILY and FRIENDS for making a way to make me happy and feel special! Special mention to Bahm and Tabs for their sweet surprises. :)))

Thank youuuuuu sooooo much friend (Bahm) for this very cute cake!!!

Ever since I watched the movie Tangled, I always wanted to fly some sky lanterns. Thank you Tabs for making one of my wishes come true!!! Nag-effort ka talagang panghanap ako ng sky lanterns! :* (Plus, thank you for the other surprise. hihi. Kilig much!)

I love my expression here! Super happy! I hope I can be this happy everyday! :)))
Ayan ha, nag-blow na ako ng candle at nagpalipad pa ako ng sky lantern, ewan ko nalang kung di pa matupad yung wish ko. Lord, please please please grant my wish! :)))) hihihihi.

To those who remembered my birthday and greeted me - may it be on facebook, twitter, instagram, text message, phone call, etc., THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Every birthday greeting made me feel so loved and blessed. :)

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