Christmas via Skype

CHRISTMAS - it's the time of the year when I used to be giddy in opening Christmas gifts and receiving "aguinaldo" from family, relatives and friends. Now, Christmas is the time of the year when I am missing a lot of people, especially loved ones in abroad. BUT..thankfully there is SKYPE! We were so far yet so near.

With just few steps, we were able to celebrate Christmas the "Skype way".

1. Skype with Tito Hilbert, my bibo and pretty cousin Julia who are living in South Carolina

Julia showing her Gangnam dance moves
2. Skype with tita Rowen and cutiieeee Carmel who are in Chicago, Illinois

3. Skype with Tita Helen and my twin cousins Andre and Andrew who are in San Francisco California.

To those who celebrated Christmas away from their loved ones, I hope you still had a wonderful Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS! :))))

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