Happy Birthday Bianca!

Happy happy birthday Bianca!!! May the remaining days of 2012 and the coming 2013 be more amazing for you! :)))

Now that you're in college, I hope that you know how to discern which is right and wrong and most importantly know your priorities. It's okay to party, to drink or try and explore new things. Been there, done that. I know how it is to be a college student. Just know your limitations. I trust you enough that you'll deal with it properly. :)

One more thing, it's okay to have a boyfriend. *wink* HAHAHA. As long as.. (read again what I said above). Anyway, happy happy birthday again dear cousin! May all your wishes come true! I hope that whatever you lost or missed the past years, may they be filled with love, happiness and contentment in the years to come.

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