Happy Birthday Kuya Nix!

To one of my favorite/best orgmates ever, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Kuya Nix!! You're getting older naaaaaa. Before anything else, lolokohin muna kita..and... taaaadaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hohohohoho!!!

"I'm so awesome!"

Soooo gwapo and payat ka pa diyan! Anong year ba yan? 19 kopong-kopong (tama ba spelling?) hahahaha. :))) Joke kuya!

Kidding aside, thank you soooooo much kuya nixon for always being there for me - a friend, an adviser, and most specially a big brother. You know how much I love you and kuya ico as my big bros. Just a text/tweet away, I'll be there. :) I really love spending time with you especially during our random movie days, pig out dinners and our never-ending okrayan and "intellectual" discussions (naksssss!)


Thank you for the years we spent as orgmates in UP! :) When I first saw you and I was still an applicant, I was intimidated and afraid of you. When I became an official Sandiwan, I'm glad na kinapalan ko ang mukha kong makipag-close sayo. Kung pinairal ko pagiging mahiyain, baka hindi tayo ganito ka-close at hindi kita naloloko o nabibiro ng ganito ngayon.

You always remind me as one of the "camwhores" in the org. Whenever we have org events, you are one of those who want to have many solo shots (photo shoot mo eh hahaha).

see??? :p  *I hope this .gif file is working properly*

Also, you are the living proof of "I will graduate on time no matter how long it takes" (yey ilang months nalang, masusuot mo na ang sablay mo). You are also one of those who are very confident to claim na "matalino ako eh" and "ang galing galing ko talaga". In a weird way, you don't sound annoying to me. You make me LOL everytime you utter those words. LOL again.

"ang galing galing ko talaga!"

Okay last na to. I wish you nothing but GENUINE HAPPINESS!!! Looking forward to spend more years with you kuya! :) I hope you'll be this (photo below) happy always. HAPPY BEERDAY BIRTHDAY! :) Labyuuuuuuuuuuu!!

P.S. Since it's your birthday, pagbibigyan na kita. Sige na kamukha mo na si Mario Lopez. YUN OHHHH!

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