Happy Birthday Emo Friend!

If there's one friend whom I spent almost 3/4 of my life with, it would be Loren. From preschool (roughly 4 years old) to high school (16 years old) we've been classmates. When I say "classmates", I meant it as "walang palya". As in consistent talaga na magkasama kami sa iisang section.

When we were still kids. o dibaaaaa? I told you! hahaha
During our grade school years, we weren't that close yet. We started to become close when we were in high school. Honestly, Loren was and is STILL the kindest friend I have. Sa sobrang bait niya, maiinis ka na sakanya! Tinatarayan ko na nga lang siya minsan para naman maging palaban siya minsan. hahaha! Then come college, though we went to different universities, nothing has changed. And until now, we're still the same. Ayun ganun pa rin, parang nung high school lang. Mataba pa rin iya, payat pa rin ako. Nakakasawa na nga eh. hahaha joke lang emo labyuuuu!!!

Anyway, she was one of my FIRST EVER travel buddies!! If you want to have a travel buddy, I suggest siya ang kaladkarin niyo! Never a dull moment with her and I SWEAR galante yaaaaaan. :))))

Boracay (2010) and Baguio (2012)
Happy happy birthday emo friend!!! I am SOOOOO grateful we're very good friends! Thank you for being patient with me especially during my tantrums and mood swings. hahaha. Thank you for being nice to me and my family. You know how much I love you and your family as well. You never fail to make me feel welcome whenever I'm at your house. Thank youuuuuu!!!

You somehow made me laugh when you requested to write this birthday blog post in the most beautiful  and touching way. You're the very first person to do that. hahaha. But you know what, there's no need to do so because this page isn't enough to tell everyone how proud and thankful I am to be your friend!

Happy birthday again emo/loren/whe/wei/putut!!!! Can't wait to pig out, travel and get lost again with you! :))

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