Happy Birthday Tita Rhi!

Happy happy birthday to my tita Ria who is not just a tita to me but also a friend, a sister, my legal guardian, pseudo-mother et al. :))))

Thanks ta Rhi for always being there for me. When I say "being there", I mean it literally because you were the ones attending my school events, parent-teacher meeting way back high school. hahahaha!! Thanks for that! Also, thank you for always listening to my complaints, my rants, or any of my stories, may they be dramatic, hilarious or senseless. And my most favorite part of our conversations is whenever we talk ala "critique" hahahaha (oooppssss mean mode). BUT as a defense mechanism, I'd say we are just telling the truth. :)))

My birthday wish??? Hmmm. of course LOVELIFE!!! hahaha hope the man of your dreams will come already (pota a-unahan daka pa joke hahahaha) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TA RHI!!! Looking forward to more chikahan and adventures with you!!!  <3 <3 <3

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