TALES OF A FOODIE: "K-Poplike" dinner

Snippets from our dinner at Ilmi Korean Restaurant located in Korean Town, Friendship Highway, Angeles, Pampanga. (via instagram)

Attendance shots. Photo from Mark's instagram (@tabsuki)

Collated group shot. Photo from Mark's instagram (@tabsuki)
Photo from Bremn's instagram (@fahmfolfee)
Photo from Yvette's instagram (@notsoyammy)
I don't actually do food reviews here in my blog because supposedly the purpose of this blog is just to create an account of what I love to do, where I go and so on but I should probably work on doing some (good) food reviews later on. Plus, I have to work on my palate too because just like what I keep on saying, I LOVE food so it seems that every food tastes delicious (not to mention the food that I totally dislike). hahaha :)))

Food: 7 out of 10

We ordered 2 set menu (700 per set) and a 250 worth of pork meal. I think it was worth it for the 8 of us because we all had a full stomach after eating (especially the boys, they have a strong appetite yet they were all satisfied). The soup, vegetables and side dishes served taste good but not great (Good news: refillable soup, veggies and side dishes). The pork was tender and tasty.

Ambiance:  5 out of 10

The place is not as cozy as the other places I've been before. Smoking is allowed inside so for a non-smoker like me, it's a bit undesirable.

Service: 7 out of 10

The waitresses are very welcoming and alert. They are also the ones who grilled the meat for us.

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