Throwback Thursday: Palawan's KaLui Restaurant

When I went to Palawan months ago, one restaurant caught my attention so I wrote an article about it. The post below was lifted from the article I wrote when I was still working at TV5's online news site InterAksyon.com.

Here's the full and original article in case you missed it: "KaLui: A familiar Palawan resto still feels like home"

The famous restaurant's artful entrance

Tagged as the Philippines’ last frontier and where the famous Underground River is located, Palawan also has a sprinkling of local restaurants carrying the island theme. KaLui Restaurant is one familiar and most visited dining establishment that lets one soak up that exotic tropical atmosphere yet makes one instantly feel at home.

Located at 369 Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa, Palawan, KaLui Restaurant is owned by 57-year old Luzerino Oliva. Locals and guests fondly call him Ka Lui (Brother Lui), thus the restaurant’s name.

A cozy and homey vibe of KaLui was what the owner wanted to achieve so the style and theme of the restaurant were inspired from traditional and native Filipino homes where bamboo materials and banig (woven mats) are used.

Customers could either dine by the usual tables or sit on the floor with cushions and low tables

KaLui Restaurant offers a variety of dishes from vegetables to different kinds of meat and seafood as its specialty. These includes Choice Catch (priced between Php160 to Php185), which is a selection of tuna steak, fish cordon bleu, shrimps, blue marlin, all served with veggies, and rice or camote fries.  Fresh seaweeds are served to customers as starters while mixed fresh fruits topped with muscovado sugar are served as a complimentary dessert.

Still craving for more? Then get side orders such as Shrimps Halabas or in Garlic Butter (Php 170), tuna sashimi (Php170), Stingray in coco cream (Php150), Crispy Fish Tail (Php350), or ask for the day’s harvest of lobsters or crabs cooked the way you ilke it. When it comes to the main meal, first-time visitors are recommended to try the “KaLui Special of the Day Set.” The set meal (Php395), good for two-three persons, includes fish steak, prawns, veggies of the day, chili crabs, rice, and starters.

Crispy fish tail. Photo source: www.kaluirestaurant.com

KaLui is just as much of a visual feast, too, as it is a haven for those who like to indulge in fresh seafoods. Here, you can also fill your eyes with different artworks like photographs, paintings and sculptures. Ka Lui is a lover of art, especially paintings made by local artists.

The restaurant also serves up a visual feast through Ka Lui's collection of paintings by local artists.

KaLui Restaurant has been serving locals and tourists for 22 years already. Due to its notable food and warm ambiance, it became well-known in Puerto Princesa. Some tourists would proudly recommend to their friends to visit the restaurant. 

Next time you’re in Palawan, check out KaLui. For reservations: landline: (+048) 433 2580; mobile no. 0947-7617191 or 0948-7232522. Or, e-mail: kalui.restaurant@yahoo.com

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