Eating s'mores the "COOL" way

On a random Tuesday night, this is what my friends and I do - smoke pot along the street eat dessert! hahaha. Our photos may look weird as if we're smoking but that's not the real deal. We've been hearing about a "weird" dessert for quite some time. Plus, we wanted to be "pa-cool" so we tried the S'more Dragon's Breath at Iscreamist in Magiting Street, UP Village.

Since we're first timers. We kept on asking the staff there how to properly eat the s'more. So here are the basic simple steps:

1. Dip the s'more in the liquid nitrogen for 15 seconds (We were very particular with this. As in seryosong nagbilang kami. Mahirap na noh baka ano pang mangyari sa dila namin. hahaha)
2. Eat the s'more in a single bite.
3. And there you go, the smoke will come out from your mouth or nose as if you're like an angry dragon ready to slay your enemies.

Caution: Liquid nitrogen is kinda scary because it can burn your skin (according to Iscreamist's wall reminder) so you have to be extra careful in eating the s'more. It's not bad to ask assistance or advice from the staff at Iscreamist (just like what we did. Mukhang nakulitan na nga sina ate sa amin eh. Anyway, better safe than sorry) :)

we're not smoking okay? hahaha. Photo from Babsy's instagram (@babsya)

" A COOL way of eating s'mores. Literally." (Marquez, 2013)

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