Happy Birthday Ervin!

To a man of few words but definitely one of the best guy friends in this side of the universe, I wish you a happiest birthday!!!

We've known each other since fourth grade but we only became closer in high school. Just like what I said earlier, he's just quite (quiet in the sense na hindi siya kasing ingay ng iba naming kaibigan) but man I'm warning you! When he is angry or not in the mood, he'll be the last person you want to see and talk to! hahaha. Kaya pag alam kong mainit na ang ulo niyan, lumalayo na ako. Ayokong "ma-Ervin". Our friend Nikki knows how it feels to be in the "ma-Ervin" situation. HAHAHA!

Anyway, some of the things I admire most about this friend of mine is his passion for what he does (i.e. music) and his remarkable love for his family. He is an epitome of the "You can't buy my happiness when I'm with my family" credo. I also admire how he loves his nephew so much. Pwede na ngang maging tatay yan eh. JK! :)))

Happy happy birthday Mr. Ervin Cao! We may have our differences but I'm glad I found my way having you as a friend! I'm always here for you. WE ARE ALL here for you no matter what! We love you! Looking forward to more kubo nights, spontaneous trips and amazing moments with you!! :))

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your friend’s birthday. I will also be celebrating my classmate’s birthday this weekend. Her family has arranged a wonderful party at one of the Chicago event venues and all her friends have been invited. Will go shopping tomorrow to buy a gift for her and a dress for me.