The Day I Said Goodbye to my Myopic Eyes

I started to get a poor eyesight when I was in grade school. I still remember the days when I used to sit near the blackboard just to copy lectures, notes, exercises and so on. Those were really difficult and hassle days as a student. Until I had no choice but to wear eyeglasses no matter how much I hate having that frame with two lens on my face. :( I endured the agitation of wearing eyeglasses for years. Then come college, I decided to wear contact lens because I dislike the nerd/geek look of wearing eyeglasses. To sum it up, I suffered from a myopic vision or nearsightedness for almost 11 years.

However, they say things come to an end. True! Last March 22 was the day I officially said goodbye to my eyeglasses and contact lens and said hello to a clear eyesight! Thanks to LASIK eye treatment. I am now stress free from putting on and off my contact lens and eyeglasses. Yaaaaayyyyyy!!! :)))

Before the operation, it seemed that there were butterflies and fishes in my stomach. I was very nervous because it was my first operation EVER. Thank goodness my titas were there to accompany me and alleviate the tension.

During LASIK, my body was as straight and as stiff as a statue and my fingers were crossed. There was never an attempt to create any single unnecessary movement because it might cause disturbance in the operation. hahahaha good girl over here!!!

After more or less 20 minutes of operation, I had my clear eyes!!! The first thing I did was to read whatever word that caught my sight. I seriously wanna cry that time because finally I have a good vision! From blurry, vague and scattered images, they turned into clear and sharp words. Haaaay what a priceless moment to have my good vision back. TYL! :)))

Thank you Dr. Lacsamana of International Eye Center for taking care of me. :)

It's been a week now since I underwent LASIK. Though I'm still recovering and still have a little cloudy eyesight due to adjustments in my eyes, I'm glad I am better now. Lesson learned after all these years: TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR EYES! You wouldn't want the hassle of wearing eyeglasses, contact lens and going to the optometrist or ophthalmologist every now and then just to get your eyes checked.

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