Quick Summer Getaway Version 2.0

This year's summer trip upgraded compared from last year's getaway - from lodging to the beach we visited. Last year in Anawangin, we slept inside tents (tapos umulan pa! kaya imagine kung gaano kami ka-bad trip nun). This year, we stayed at an air-conditioned room (ohaaaa level up!). Last year, the sand in Anawangin did not please us. This year, we were gratified with Patar's sand. Soooooo.. this is the rationale of summer getaway version 2.0. hahahaha :))))

Patar Beach is located at Bolinao Pangasinan, a 4-5 hour drive from Tarlac via private vehicle. My friends and I left Capas, Tarlac at around 5:30am and we arrived at Bolinao around 11am (stop overs and misadventures already included between travel time hahaha). We didn't have an idea on how to get there, we just relied through blogs and other information accessible in the internet. Thank goodness hindi naman kami masyadong naligaw, very helpful naman si Mr. Magtanong eh. :))))

The first tourist spot we visited was the Enchanted Cave. The name of the cave already gave us a clue on what to expect. It was enchanting indeed! (Entrance Fee: You need to pay 90 pesos if you're not going to swim inside the cave. Otherwise, you should pay 120 pesos.)

Welcome to the Enchanted Cave! You have to walk for about 5-10 minutes before seeing the cave.

The steps going down the cave are fairly steep.

Our reaction when we reached the cave: AWESTRUCK!

Photos by Yam Macalino
From Enchanted Cave, we went straight ahead to Patar Beach which was our primary destination. We didn't have reservations in any of the resorts but we were lucky enough to find a simple yet safe place to stay in. We stayed at La Parola de Bolinao. We encountered one problem in our room because the air conditioner's coolness was inconsistent. However, the staff at La Parola were very attentive and accommodating and I guess that would make up for the air conditioner problem. (PEROOOOOO nung gabi naman, sobrang lamig na nung aircon) You want proof??? Hetoooooo:

Photo by Mara Galang

Okay enough of the segue. Here are snapshots of our quick summer getaway:

My most favorite feature of Patar Beach is during low tide and I think low tide takes place in the afternoon (for Patar Beach only, I don't know the other beaches). As you can see in the pictures, the brownish and greenish area we're stepping at are not visible during high tide. Hindi mo talaga makikita ang mga parang lupa na inaapakan namin tapos yung malalaking bato, nakalubog ang kalahati pag high tide. Awesooooooomeeeeee!!!

My most favorite shot! It reminds me of Batanes! Photo by Yam Macalino

Also, sunsets are one of my weaknesses.

Our last stop before we went home: Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Complete group shots. We missed our other friends who weren't able to join us in this year's trip. Maybe next year!


Sun-kissed at Potipot!

Months before summer, I told myself : "Hindi ko hahayaang matapos ang summer nang hindi nakakapag-beach!!!!" So when I had the opportunity, grab na agad.  My first beach destination this 2013: Potipot Island! Potipot is an island located in Candelaria Zambales with pristine, clear water and light brown fine sand (kakulay ng polvoron para mas concrete ang idea hehehe). Before getting at Potipot Island itself, one must take a 5-10 minute boat ride from Dawal Beach Resort. Cost of boat ride: 400 pesos good for 6 persons per boat. I think it's relatively cheap because it's already a round-trip ride. You can request at the boatman what time you want to be fetched.

Witnessing God's wonderful creations is such a great deal for me. It gives me a feeling that is so hard to describe once I get a glimpse of nature's beauty. I just want to take a deep sigh and say "Thank You Lord for this chance to witness and enjoy this picturesque view." Happiness indeed! Some say, happiness is best when shared with others and yessss! I'm happy that I got to visit and explore Potipot with my relatives - my cousin Bianca and my Tita Ria and Tita Mumay. :)


Clingy Hits on a Wednesday

Wednesday is one of my favorite days the past few months. Not only this day was the schedule of my favorite graduate class last semester, but also it is a day where I get to spend quality time with my friends in graduate school.

The last time I spent time with them was during our last day in Psychology of Learning and Teaching class which was last March. So it's been almost a month. And yesssss we are sooooo clingyyyyy like that huhhhhh. :))) We watched Oblivion. Too bad Niki wasn't able to come with us to watch the movie but she managed to join us over dinner. We had so many "firsts" yesterday: first time to dine out at a resto that is not along Katipunan, first time to eat Thai and Vietnamese food and first time to see each other after our last day in class.

with Hannah (wearing gray cardigan), Ezra (in black polo shirt) and Niki (in light blue top). Photos courtesy of Hannah
Dinner at My Thai and Pho Hoa. Complimentary bean sprouts and mint leaves, Fresh Spring Roll, Bagoong Rice, Thai Chicken, Shrimp Pomelo Salad and Beef Stew. Photos courtesy of Hannah

It just saddens me that only four of us were free yesterday. We missed you Laurice (who is enjoying India now), Monique (who is busy in her summer class) and Pola (who is MIA and getting married soon). I don't wanna be too mushy but I'm glad I'm friends with these people. These simple moments never fail to make me happy no matter how stressful my day is. Thank you Psych girlalooooos!!! :))) #ClingyHits


Prelude to Summer

The weather has been terribly hot the past few days. Even if the air conditioner is on, sometimes it's not enough to cool every nerve ending in my body!!!! I think the hot weather became a factor for my Tito and Tita to think of just having a pool party at Fontana for their Despedida. 

We spent the night at one Fontana Villa with relatives and my Tito's barkada. Though it was a very short gathering, we surely had fun! I'm glad I spent my first of summer with these people. :)))

Thank you Tito Kelvin and Tita Lovely for throwing such a fun party!