Sun-kissed at Potipot!

Months before summer, I told myself : "Hindi ko hahayaang matapos ang summer nang hindi nakakapag-beach!!!!" So when I had the opportunity, grab na agad.  My first beach destination this 2013: Potipot Island! Potipot is an island located in Candelaria Zambales with pristine, clear water and light brown fine sand (kakulay ng polvoron para mas concrete ang idea hehehe). Before getting at Potipot Island itself, one must take a 5-10 minute boat ride from Dawal Beach Resort. Cost of boat ride: 400 pesos good for 6 persons per boat. I think it's relatively cheap because it's already a round-trip ride. You can request at the boatman what time you want to be fetched.

Witnessing God's wonderful creations is such a great deal for me. It gives me a feeling that is so hard to describe once I get a glimpse of nature's beauty. I just want to take a deep sigh and say "Thank You Lord for this chance to witness and enjoy this picturesque view." Happiness indeed! Some say, happiness is best when shared with others and yessss! I'm happy that I got to visit and explore Potipot with my relatives - my cousin Bianca and my Tita Ria and Tita Mumay. :)

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