TALES OF A FOODIE: Burger Shocked!

Trying a new food place is one of the things that thrills me! I keep on saying in my previous posts how much I love to eat. hihihihi oink oink! :))) So when my friend Bahm told us that there is this new burger place in Angeles, Pampanga which has been receiving positive feedback since its opening, I asked him to take us there. He even asked his friend about his personal rating about the burger and Bahm's friend said "BEST-EST". That remark made me feel even more excited!

This hole-in-the-wall burger place I'm referring to is The Burger Shack. It is nestled at a residential subdivision in Angeles City, Pampanga which sort of reminded me of some cozy food places along Maginhawa because just like other food shops in Maginhawa, The Burger Shack is located within the compound of the owner's house. Below is a guide map of The Burger Shack's location.

Photo courtesy of The Burger Shack's facebook page

Finding and getting to Burger Shack wasn't that hard for us since tricycle drivers from Nepo Mall know the street where it is situated plus customers will easily notice the place because there are several cars parked in front. The place opens at 6:00pm and I was shocked that there were already several customers at 6:15pm. I didn't expect many people would go there since it just opened over a month ago,  it's not widely publicized and its location is not along the busy streets of the city. Some seats at the garden were already taken and reserved so my friends and I sat at the veranda.

Every time I dine at a place for the first time, I always ask the best-sellers just to be safe and to avoid being disappointed. So when I asked the staff, she told us that their best-seller is the Roshan Burger but since Roshan is too big for my appetite I ordered the next best-seller which is Cheese Steak.

Top left: Magulle Burger. Bottom left: Roshan Burger. Middle: YOLO burger. Bottom right: Cheese Steak
Our orders:
Bahm's - Magulle Burger (P145. Classic cheeseburger added with generous amounts of slaw. mushrooms and caramelized onions)
Nikki's- Roshan Burger (P250. A mouth watering burger having a double 1/3 pound patty, cheddar cheese, with liberal amounts of slaw, mushrooms, caramelized onions and double bacon)
Yanyan's- Cheese Steak (P175. A diner 1/3 pound of beefy goodness and covered with cheddar and Swiss cheese, bell pepper, onions and mushrooms)
Ces'- Heart Attack "YOLO" or You Only Live Once Burger (P350. the name of the burger speaks for itself. Intense 'tong burger na 'to! Hindi kinayang ubusin ni Ces. hahaha. A 1/2 kilogram monster burger with triple patty and tripple cheese and double servings of bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms and a German sausage dressed with barbecue sauce)
*Note: Burgers' description in italicized words was from Burger Shack's menu

The YOLO burger. It's almost the length of my face. whoaaaaaaa!!! Photo courtesy of Nikki Conde

The burges' sizes are very overwhelming but are their burgers worth every penny? I would absolutely say YES! Masarap I swear! Best burger so far! Their burger will now be my standard when it comes to taste and worthiness as well. After eating, I felt so full. It seemed that the food I ate reached up to my throat. Hahaha I can't even remember how many times I burped. Hihihihi :)))))

For more details about The Burger Shack, you may visit their facebook page here.

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