Photo Diary: The Peñafrancia Experience

I know this is a long overdue post but better late than never. :)))) Last September, I was part of the group from AHS who went to Naga City, Bicol for a spiritual and cultural immersion in line with the Peñafrancia Festival.

Peñafrancia Festival or The Feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia "is celebrated on the third Saturday of September in Naga City, Bicol. The feast day is preceded by a novena, nine days of prayer, in honor of the Virgin. On the first day, the image of the Virgin, a copy of the Madonna in Peñafrancia, Spain, is brought from its shrine to the Naga Cathedral where the novena is held. On the last day, the image is returned to her shrine following the Naga River route. The colorful evening procession is lit by thousands of candles from devotees in boats escorting the image. When the barge reaches its destination, the devotees shout "Viva la Virgen" (Long live the Virgin!) and the image is brought back in a procession to the cathedral." (Source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu/Tagalog/Cynthia/festivals/penafrancia_festival.htm)

Below are photos from my Peñafrancia experience. Let the photos do the talking. :)


Breakfast at our HQ in Ateneo de Naga (ADNU); in front of ADNU's four columns; our first mass in Naga

At Ateneo de Naga's University Chapel

Outreach at Naga City Jail. Photo by Xandro Hizon

A visit at Missionaries of the Poor
This was a life-changing experience. I had several realizations when we went here. 

Dropped by at former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo's final resting place

Foooooooooooood tripppppppp!!!! :))))

Halo-halo at Red Platter
Dinner at Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill
Night out with AHS faculty and parents at Chili Peppers

History speaks!

Goofing around with fellow faculty and some parents :)))

while waiting for the Fluvial Parade

The Fluvial Parade


on the way to the evening mass; "bonfire" during mass

Dinner at Chili Peppers after the parade and mass


Visita Iglesia: Amang Hinulid (a church in the town of Calabanga)

Visita Iglesia: Our Lady of La Porteria

Visita Iglesia: Parroquia de la Immaculada Concepcion

Visita Iglesia: Leaning Tower of Bombon

Visita Iglesia: St. Anne Parish

Visita Iglesia: Our Lady of Assumption Parish

RNR at Casa Ofelia
Ateneo de Naga High School
Dinner at Soledad (a Spanish-Filipino restaurant)

DAY 4: Last day in Naga 

saying goodbye to our friends in Naga
Ma'am Christy's birthday "party". Happy Birthday Ma'am Christy! :)))

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