TALES OF A FOODIE: Bon Appetit at Bellini's

If you want to make me happy and if you want us to get along well, there is one thing you can do to tickle my weak spot - bribe feed me with lots of food!!! Food is definitely one of my stress relievers and after a hard day at work, I think I deserve some "me time" by spoiling myself with gastronomic food at a fine dining Italian restaurant - Bellini's Cubao branch (there is another branch in Marikina).

I first knew about Bellini's when it was used as a setting in the Star Cinema movie One More Chance. I've had several attempts to go here with my high school barkada because we want to "experience" that One More Chance vibe since this movie is one of our favorites. hihihihi. :))) However, I don't know why we weren't able to pursue our plan to have a nice dinner at Bellini's. 

After 7 years, I finally had the luxury of time opportunity to try Bellini's even if emptying my wallet is what at stake huhuhu hahaha (bipolar?)

with my colleagues in Ateneo

Mediterranea Pizza

Three Platter Pasta

complimentary cocktail drink after eating

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