When in Bangkok

I gotta say this has to be my most memorable trip so far because of two reasons: 1) this is my first out of the country trip with two of my closest friends and 2) this is my FIRST EVER TRIP PAID THROUGH MY OWN HARDWORK (yessss capslock mo para intense! hahahaha) It feels so good to spend your hard earned money to something that you really love to do. I have no regrets in spending my savings even though draining my bank account is what it takes to travel. :))))

Here are photo snippets from my Bangkok trip with two of my closest friends since grade school.

1. Arrival at Suvarnabhumi International Airport + first night in Bangkok

2. The Temple of Standing Buddha

3. Wat Arun Temple

4. Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo

The Elephant Show

5. Grand Palace Crystal Park

6. My trip won't be complete without FOOD TRIPPIN'

Street food: Fresh Pomegranate drink, Thai version of mangoes and guavas 

at Nooddi Thai Restaurant

Sweet tooth satisfaction at Pakdee: green tea cake, mocha cherry almond cake, fresh fruit cake and Thai iced tea

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