AHS Faculty and Staff Trip to Batangas

As a year-ender activity, Ateneo de Manila High School organized a day trip to Batangas for its faculty and staff. At least even for a day we had a breather from work. Whoooooooo! :))

Call time for everyone was 5:00 to 5:30am and our bus (Bus No. 3) left school at around 5:40.

My bus mates! Photo by Kalyn Lopena
My bus seatmate - Belle Cruz

Our first destination in Batangas was at Taal City. We did a little walking tour around Taal Heritage Town. It amazes me that there are still places in the Philippines that were preserved after the Spanish period.

Apacible House

Basilica of St. Martin de Tours

After Taal, we headed to Bauan, Batangas for our water adventure! :)))

On our way to Dive and Trek Resort. Photo by Jok Cobar

It was a tiring yet fun-filled day! Thank you Ateneo High for giving us this short break from work! :)

Photo by Jok Cobar


TALES OF A FOODIE: The Project Pie

Customizing what you intake has been one of the trends nowadays - from customizing your own drink, making your own pancake to creating your own burger. Now there is an addition to the list - build your own pizza! This is Project Pie's concept. For 285 pesos, you can choose what toppings you like. Just ask the crew to put anything you want, may it be the kind of sauce, cheese, meat, vegetables, etc. you'd like to add just to make your taste buds happy! Another thing I like about this setup is that you can tell the crew from Project Pie the amount of toppings you like. If you want more cheese, they'll do it. If you want more bacon or pepperoni, it's also a big yes to that!

As a first timer, we asked the crew what will she recommend. She said No.2 (all meat red sauced pizza). So I chose No.2 on their list and while in line I was instructing them to put the toppings I'd like to see in my pizza. So here is Yanyan's pizza! :)))

If you've been a loyal blog visitor, you'd know how much I LOVE FOOD. The simple joys that food can bring to me is priceless and at the same time it's guilt-inducing (oink oink).

Of course, this foodie adventure is brought to you by my colleague who generously treated us at Project Pie. Thank you Sir Tootsie Delos Santos!! AP teachers and I really enjoyed eating at Project Pie!


Little Northern Wanderlust

In spite our schedules, I'm glad that my friends and I still managed to sandwich this short getaway to Baguio. Our trip may be very short but I think we still had fun even if we had some little misadventures. All we did the whole day was to eat, walk, eat again then walk again and... EAT! hahaha.

We had several stops in Baguio but the places below are the ones that I just want to highlight. :)

First Stop: Cafe by the Ruins

Second Stop: BenCab Museum

It's been a while since I visited a museum! Some people know how close art is to my heart because I studied a lot about art way back college. So while I was inside BenCab Museum, it felt like the art studies major in me was renewed. Also, BenCab (a national artist) is somehow familiar to me because I already met BenCab sometime in 2012 when I was still writing for an online lifestyle section.

on our way to BenCab Museum

"The Lost Artwork"

Human Graffiti
Third Stop: Burnham Park

Fourth Stop: Mines View Park

Fifth Stop: 50's Diner


THE LONE TRAVELER SERIES: Kuala Lumpur + Genting

TRAVEL ALONE - another item off my bucket list!!! :)))) It has always been my goal to travel and explore a place on my own. I've been planning to do this for the past few years and finally this plan was already put into action. Last February, we had a long weekend at work so when I knew about this long weekend, I immediately searched for an international flight and it was my lucky day because there was a seat sale promo. *insert happy dance here*

Days before my scheduled trip, I was feeling both nervous and excited because this is my first time to go out of the country alone but as Kelly Clarkson would sing it, "it doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone". Maybe the main reason why I decided to travel on my own is to test how adventurous and how brave I am. I admit I felt sad at first but as time passed by, I realized there is nothing to be sad about. On a positive note, I was able to know myself more and determine how far can I go just to make this trip a memorable one. Indeed, it was a very memorable trip and I've never felt this proud for bringing out the brave and more adventurous part in me. :-p

I have so many things to say about this trip but I will just let the photos to do the talking.

DAY 1 

a. National Museum

b. The New King's Palace

c. National Monument

d. National Mosque

e. Merdeka Square (Independence Square) - the center of activities and celebration in Kuala Lumpur

f. Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom

g. Batu Caves

h. The picturesque Petronas Twin Towers

Day 2

a. Genting Highlands and its Indoor Theme Park

b. Berjaya Times Square

c. Jalan Petaling/ Chinatown - one of the busiest and most alive streets in Kuala Lumpur by night

d. Central Market - a place for souvenir shopping

One of the highlights of this trip was commuting all by myself. I never imagined getting lost and commuting in a foreign country would be this fun!! And if there is another reason to be proud of this trip, it would be not riding or taking a cab to get to a specific place. :))) I'm proud to say that I commuted to get to Batu Caves and Genting Highlands. There may be instances when I got lost but sometimes getting lost becomes an avenue where you learn best. (#hugot) Also it helps to use your inquiry skills coupled with charms to find your way back. (#hugot again) hahahaha!

But of course, a trip would not be complete without my food escapades!!!!

This resto is located few meters away from Chinatown.  I walked more than 10 minutes from my hotel just to reach this place and that long walk was worth it!

Jalan Alor - Kuala Lumpur's gastronomic hub

I would definitely travel solo again! More lone traveler series to come!! :))))