Little Northern Wanderlust

In spite our schedules, I'm glad that my friends and I still managed to sandwich this short getaway to Baguio. Our trip may be very short but I think we still had fun even if we had some little misadventures. All we did the whole day was to eat, walk, eat again then walk again and... EAT! hahaha.

We had several stops in Baguio but the places below are the ones that I just want to highlight. :)

First Stop: Cafe by the Ruins

Second Stop: BenCab Museum

It's been a while since I visited a museum! Some people know how close art is to my heart because I studied a lot about art way back college. So while I was inside BenCab Museum, it felt like the art studies major in me was renewed. Also, BenCab (a national artist) is somehow familiar to me because I already met BenCab sometime in 2012 when I was still writing for an online lifestyle section.

on our way to BenCab Museum

"The Lost Artwork"

Human Graffiti
Third Stop: Burnham Park

Fourth Stop: Mines View Park

Fifth Stop: 50's Diner

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