TALES OF A FOODIE: The Project Pie

Customizing what you intake has been one of the trends nowadays - from customizing your own drink, making your own pancake to creating your own burger. Now there is an addition to the list - build your own pizza! This is Project Pie's concept. For 285 pesos, you can choose what toppings you like. Just ask the crew to put anything you want, may it be the kind of sauce, cheese, meat, vegetables, etc. you'd like to add just to make your taste buds happy! Another thing I like about this setup is that you can tell the crew from Project Pie the amount of toppings you like. If you want more cheese, they'll do it. If you want more bacon or pepperoni, it's also a big yes to that!

As a first timer, we asked the crew what will she recommend. She said No.2 (all meat red sauced pizza). So I chose No.2 on their list and while in line I was instructing them to put the toppings I'd like to see in my pizza. So here is Yanyan's pizza! :)))

If you've been a loyal blog visitor, you'd know how much I LOVE FOOD. The simple joys that food can bring to me is priceless and at the same time it's guilt-inducing (oink oink).

Of course, this foodie adventure is brought to you by my colleague who generously treated us at Project Pie. Thank you Sir Tootsie Delos Santos!! AP teachers and I really enjoyed eating at Project Pie!

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