Summer in Baler

For the third straight year, my high school friends and I went on another summer escapade. This year, we decided to go to Baler and try surfing. Yehessss surfing!!! :)) However, it's just sad that only few of us were able to come because the past few years, it's either we are 10 or more than 10 in the car but this year we were only 5 plus my friend Ervin's girlfriend.

None of us had an idea on how to go to Baler since it was all our first time so we just relied on Google's instructions and the road signs we passed by. Good thing we didn't get lost and made it safely to Baler. Yeeeeyyyyy!!!

On our way to Baler, we had our breakfast stop at this cute food place called Hillocks Coffee and Restaurant which is located along Pantabangan Road in Nueva Ecija. The owner and the staff there weren't supposed to accommodate us because they had reservations at 9am but still they were kind enough to cook breakfast for us. :)

I ordered BLT Sandwich and food for the gods for some sweet tooth satisfaction
After a 5-hour trip and all the zigzag roads, Baler finally!!! So here is a short list of what we did in Baler.


We stayed at Costa Pacifica and all of us fell in love with our hotel. We loved our hotel to the point that we spent most of our time there instead of going around the town of Baler and have some light booze at night! Hahahaha. If I were to rate Costa Pacifica, I'd give them 5/5 rating because they really have a good service here.

Our room at Costa Pacifica :)

outside our room at night

If you know me too well, a trip won't be complete without pigging out. :)))) For our first lunch in Baler, we ate at Rolling Stores - a long array of stores serving home-cooked meals for those who are on a budget. The food here is actually good. My most favorite was the grilled squid which we only paid for 15 pesos per squid. :)

For our late merienda and almost dinner meal, we ate at The Hungry Surfer which is just few steps away from our hotel.

We won't leave Baler without trying the very famous buffet for only 185 at Gerry Shan's Place. We were supposed to eat here during our first day but the place was jam-packed so we came back the next day and luckily we were able to get a table. This food place is so famous that GMA's Ang Pinaka featured it. (My apologies if I wasn't able to take some photos of the food. I was totally spaced out and hungry during that time. hehe)

Photo from Ang Pinaka's facebook page


Since Museo de Baler is just few steps away from Rolling Stores, we decided to visit the local museum.


What's the point of going to Baler if we won't try surfing, right?

Here are my summer buddies this year and that ends our short summer escapade at Baler! :)

*I do not own all photos in this post. Some photos are courtesy of my friend, Yam Macalino.

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