TALES OF A FOODIE: That pa-witty hole-in-the-wall store in UP!

Food trip? You can never go wrong when in UP especially when you are a frugal food tripper. Besides from the famous street in Area 2 where you can find a bunch of hole-in-the wall stores, there are still other hole-in-the wall stores to discover within the vicinity of UP Diliman Campus and my recent discovery was Tinapay. It is located in Pook Dagohoy which is just walking distance from Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall.

Tinapay has been open for few years already and I feel bad for not being able to discover and eat here as early as my college days. My orgmate mentioned that it was already open when she was a junior and I was a college senior back then. It could have been one of my go to places after a stressful exam, thesis work or after our org meetings.

Tinapay may not be a fancy resto just like Chocolate Kiss or ROC in Bahay ng Alumni but what I like most about the place - the witty and funny words posted inside.

Of course, I loved the food too because it's very budget-friendly! Pat and I ordered the "Footlong Ko" which costs 75 pesos. It's not your ordinary footlong because there are other ingredients in the sandwich like burger patty, egg, coleslaw, etc. Plus, it comes with a bottle of soda too! When we got our order I was very happy because instead of seeing the usual yellow mustard, the mustard was blue and green! Cooooool!

I would have to thank my college orgmates Pat and Moti for bringing me here! Natuwa talaga ako! Haaaay my simple and little joys in life :)))

In case you're wondering about the store hours of Tinapay, just see the photo below. It's kinda misleading at first but look and read it carefully. :-p


Island Hopping at Hundred Islands

One random weekend, spontaneity hit us so my cousins, my aunt and I decided to have an island hopping adventure at Hundred Islands, Alaminos Pangasinan. Island hopping at Hundred Islands? 100 islands?? Seriously??? You gotta be kidding me! Of course I am just kidding here. Hahaha. We can't island hop all the (more or less) hundred islands in Alaminos in just a day.

Honestly, it was my first time to visit the place and I never expected it to be that beautiful with clear, blue waters and white sand shores. Out of the hundred islands, we were able to visit 7 islands. But before the island hopping activity, one must pay 40 pesos each for the environmental fee at the Tourism Center then rent a boat ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 pesos depending on the number of persons.

First Island: Governor's Island

Governor's Island is known for the "PBB House" built in the area during the PBB Teen Edition. But for me, what is more amazing about Governor's is the view you see when you climb the 123 steps going atop the island.

view from the top of Governor's Island

Second Island: Marcos Island

Third Island: Quezon Island

Of all the 7 islands, this is the most crowded island we visited.

Fourth Island: Cuenco Island

According to one of the persons working in this island, Cuenco Island just recently opened to the public. It became open to the public just a month ago.

Fifth Island: Children's Island

This island is indeed for children because the water is very shallow so we decided to swim here.

Sixth Island: Martha's Island

This wasn't supposed to be a part of our itinerary (the 7th island too) but we asked our boatman to take us here since it was just across Children's Island. Our boatman was kind enough to say yes. :)

Seventh Island: Ramos Island

This island is just beside Martha's Island. No need to ride the boat to get here. It's like Martha and Ramos islands are twin islands.