One Free Day

It's a free day - literally and figuratively! Literally because I have no work today because it is a regular holiday and figuratively because today is the 116th Independence Day of the Philippines. So as a way of maximizing this "free" day, my friends (Jam and Wi) and I decided to have a mini-escapade at Manila area for a change since we always hang out at our comfort zone - Quezon City area. And it's been a while since I last went to Manila area.

Our original plan was to go to Trick Art Museum at Ocean Park but when we got there, we found out that it was already closed. :( Since we did not want to end up being disappointed, we just visited some places in Ocean Park - The Oceanarium, The Trails of Antarctica and The Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies.

The Oceanarium

The Trails of Antarctica

Slide O' Fun!

Penguins!!! sooooo cute!!
Snow Village!

The Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies

After Ocean park, we headed to Binondo, Manila (Chinatown) for some food trippin'. We had lunch at Wai Ying Restaurant, one of the famous Chinese restos in Binondo. The resto was a blockbuster (even on regular days) because we waited some time to be seated. Even though we were very hungry that time, the food was worth the wait! :)

Then we grabbed some dessert at Lord Stow's Bakery which is very known for its delicious egg tarts.

Thank you Jam and Wi for letting me third wheel to you. Hihihihi. :))

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