A Balinese Kind of Weekend

Is Bali, Indonesia one of your dream destinations but you don't have the budget and luxury of time for this Indonesian getaway? Well I think I have an alternative for you. First, it is cheaper and second, it is just few hours away from Manila via land transportation.

There is a place in Batangas called Cintai Corito's Garden. Nestled at Sitio Pandayan, Malabanan Balete, Batangas, Cintai Corito's Garden is a Balinese-inspired place which is a good venue to unwind and relax away from the hustle and bustle of Manila.

According to Cintai's official website, "Cintai (pronounced as "Chin-tai") means love in Indonesian language. The Garden started out as an ordinary private family rest house then the family developed the place to show love and share the memories of their mother Corito. Hence, the name of the place came about. Cintai is also an animal-friendly place because it houses different animals like birds, ducks, deer, etc. so it is normal if you see peacocks, ducks and other animals roaming around the area.

So now I'm sharing some photos below of my weekend staycation at Cintai Corito's Garden. :)

The facade of Cintai


Even the bathrooms are Balinese-inspired..

 Here's our villa..

My friend Loren and I arrived at Cintai before lunch. We were early for our check-in time so we decided to have our lunch first. Food here is a bit pricey but I think it is worth it because it could be for sharing, the taste is good and the staff are friendly and very caring to their customers.

As part of the overnight stay package that we availed, we had complimentary breakfast the next day.


Since my friend and I are very adventurous, we looked for nearby places where we could eat and visit for some sightseeing. Below are some of the many things you could do near Cintai.

For food tripping, we discovered this artsy and quaint cafe - the Candlelight Cafe. What I liked about this cafe is that there are several artworks inside and they also sell artworks and candles of different designs.

This is my favorite piece inside the cafe - art and chair rolled into one. :)

Chicken Adobo with Gata, Tomato-based pasta and Frida Kahlo (a refreshing drink with mint)

The owner of Candlelight Cafe suggested that we try this famous Lover's Line Bibingka in Lipa. I have to say that it was the best bibingka I ever tasted so far! Plus, they also serve free salabat (drink made of ginger). I am not a fan of salabat but I actually liked their salabat. On the other hand, do not expect too much on the ambiance of the place because it is a hole-in-the-wall type.

Also in Lipa City, we tried Cafe de Lipa which is famous for Batangas' kapeng barako. 

Another must visit place near Cintai is the Marian Orchard which is few minutes away from Cintai via jeepney or tricycle. If you want to seek peace and Divine Intervention, I suggest you drop by at Marian Orchard. During Holy Week, a lot of people go to this place. 

Thank you to my good friend since grade school, Loren, for always being so game to come with me in my trips and adventures yet again. :))

Lastly, if I were to rate my stay in Cintai, I'd give Cintai 9/10 because the staff and employees are very courteous, accommodating, and friendly. Thank you Cintai Corito's Garden! Someday I hope I could bring my whole family here. :)

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