Hitting 3 Birds in 1 Stone (Part 2: ILOILO)

As promised in my previous post "Hitting 2 Birds in 1 Stone (Part 1: NEGROS OCCIDENTAL)", I'll blog about the second of our tri-province trip in Western Visayas. So here it is.. the province of the gentle and sweet-toned Ilonggos - ILOILO! :)))

From Bacolod, how did we go to Iloilo? Simple. Ride a ferry. The ferry bound from Bacolod to Iloilo only took an hour to an hour and a half so it is really ideal to explore Iloilo after Bacolod. There are many ferries like Supercat and Weesam which have daily trips. My friend and I chose Supercat because its departure time to Iloilo was the one closest to the time we arrived at Bacolod City Port.

After 1 to 1 and a half hour of ferry ride, we finally reached Iloilo City Pier! :)))

The moment we set foot in Iloilo, we rode a cab to our hotel and dropped our things there.


Again, I booked via Agoda and after hours of researching and reading reviews from different websites, I found a cheap hotel that is centrally located - Riverside Inn. Just like what I said in my previous posts, location is one of my criteria when choosing where to stay during a trip. Most of the places we visited in Iloilo were just one jeepney ride away from the hotel so we were able to save a lot of time and of course money because instead of riding a cab, riding a jeepney is way cheaper.


Iloilo is very rich in history and culture so most of the places you could visit here are churches. Due to lack of time, we were only able to visit 3 churches.

1. Miag-ao Church. This church is a UN World Heritage Site. It has a baroque architectural style and it was designed to withstand an earthquake.

2.  UP Visayas (Miag-ao Campus). Since my friend and I are UP alumni, we would never want to miss this UP campus in our itinerary. UP Miag-ao is just 5 minutes away from Miag-ao Church via tricycle (or if you are not feeling lazy, you can walk from Miag-ao Church to UP Miag-ao). #UPFight

3. Plazuela de Iloilo. Not your ordinary and usual kind of plazuela. Why? Because of its Venetian vibe and style. Several restaurants can be found here. Sosyal ng plazuela na 'to!

4. Jaro Cathedral and Belfry. This is the second church we visited. 

5. Nelly's Garden. This is Iloilo's local and small version of White House. We didn't have the chance to see what's inside because according to the guards, there should be a reservation prior to your visit. So ayan tiis ganda na lang sa labas ng gate para makakuha ng magandang picture. Hahahaha.

6. Molo Church and Plaza

Am I in Greece??? Naahhhhh. Just in Molo Plaza. HAHAHA!

7. Conching's Mansion. An ancestral house which is just few steps away from Molo Church and Plaza. However, the house is under restoration so we weren't really able to see what's inside the house.

8. Iloilo Esplanade. It was a bad timing when we went here because we were here before lunch so we walked under the scorching heat of the sun. I think it is better if you visit Iloilo Esplanade at night because the place is more alive.

9. Buy pasalubong at Biscocho Haus. There are several Biscocho Haus branches around Iloilo but this one's in Jaro.


There are so many good places to eat at when in Iloilo. You will really gain weight here so beware hahahaha! We tried several food places but I think we haven't really tried everything yet.

1. Tatoy's Manokan and Seafood. I first knew about Tatoy's when it was featured in GMA TV's Ang Pinaka. When I saw it in TV, I told myself that I should eat here when I visit Iloilo.

Ambiance: Ningnangan style/ al fresco
Food: 9/10
Price: Mid-range (good for sharing)
Wifi: No

Buko Halo for dessert; Grilled Lucos (Squid) + Lucon (Sugpo) + Baked Talaba (very delicious)

2. Ponsyon by Breakthrough. Located at Plazuela de Iloilo.

Ambiance: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Price: Mid-range to High (can be for sharing too)
Wifi: Yes

Sizzling Kansi (Bulalo) + Kalo Kalo sa Aligue (Taba ng Talangka Rice) + Ensaladang Manga, Kamatis, Sibuyas at Bagoong

3. Maridel's. A dessert place just beside Ponsyon.

Ambiance: 8/10
Dessert: 8/10
Price: Budget-friendly

Kiwi Peach Torte

4. Coffee Break. Situated beside Maridel's. Hahahaha food store hopping ito! :)))

Ambiane: 8/10
Dessert: 9/10
Price: Budget-friendly
Wifi: Yes

Devil's Fantasy Cake!! So rich and chocolate-yyyyyyy aaaaahhhhh!!!
5. Netong's Original Lapaz Batchoy. This is definitely a must try when in Iloilo! There have been debates on which has the best Lapaz Batchoy and which is original, some would say Deco's while some would say Ted's. But according to what I've read in several websites, Netong's is the original. I would actually agree with it because Netong's is only found inside Lapaz Market and their batchoy hasn't been commercialized unlike Ted's and Deco's which are all around Iloilo like in malls. So I think, they're preserving the food heritage of batchoy in Netong's.

Ambiance: 6/10 (it is located in the market so don't expect much; but it is air-conditioned and I liked the mural though hehe)
Food: 10/10
Price: Low and budget-friendly
Wifi: No

6. Daily Buns Cafe and Bakery

Ambiance: 7/10
Food/Dessert: 7/10
Price: Low
Wifi: Yes

Reese and Peanut Butter Banana Cupcake

7. JD's Bakery Cafe. We actually didn't try their branch in Iloilo town proper. We tried their branch at the airport so I'm not sure if there's any difference.

Ambiance: 7/10
Food/Dessert: 8/10
Price: Budget-friendly

Capuccino Square, Truffle Bar, Revel Bar, Toffee Bar and Mango Bar

And there you go with my Iloilo adventure and food trip! :) The last part of this tri-province trip (Guimaras) will be up in few days. :)))

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