The Enchanting Island of Siquijor

When I was kid, I used to believe that Siquijor is a place in the Philippines where supernatural beings thrive. I had this belief because of what I read on the books, what I saw on TV and what I heard from older people. Never did I imagine that I will set foot in this place because of the not so good image associated with it. As I become more inclined to traveling, I realized that am I really going to easily believe what I see and hear? No. So when I had the chance to visit Siquijor, its unspoiled beauty and pristine beaches mesmerized me. The province was indeed mystical and enchanting not in a scary context but in a good way.

Getting to Siquijor

Just like what we did in our side trip to Oslob, our jump off point was in Dumaguete. Jump off point in Dumaguete is at Dumaguete Port (near Rizal Boulevard), you have to ride a fast craft to reach the island of Siquijor. Travel time is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Exploring Siquijor

The moment you reached the island, tricycles are waiting outside the port to take you for a day tour. These tricycles are legit because they are registered under the local tourism office.

Below is our Siquijor itinerary.

1. Capilay's Spring Park - take a dip here for free!

2. The Old Enchanted Balete Tree - one of the oldest Balete trees in the Philippines! Try the fish spa for free (again) :))

3. St. Isidore de Labrador Church built in 1857

4. Lazi Convent which is situated just right across the church

5. Cambugahay Falls - my favorite part here is when I jumped off the falls ala Tarzan :))

6. Our Lady of Divine Providence Church - some say you have to make a wish if it's your first time to visit a church. That's why I love church visits whenever I travel.

7. Salagdoong Beach. Here's the best part of the trip: 30FT CLIFF DIVING!!!

After Salagdoong Beach, we stopped by at some spots that are picture-worthy before we headed back to Dumaguete :)

Siquijor is my 32nd :)

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