OTWOL Set Visit

I wouldn't make this post too long anymore. If you read my previous post, I mentioned the most special gift I got for my birthday. I'm not talking about a material thing here. It was a one of a kind experience that's why I have to say it was the most unique birthday gift I received so far. It wouldn't happen if it wasn't for my former student two years ago. For the nth time, thank you so much Bong for taking me to the set of OTWOL. :))) I really find it sweet and touching whenever people you value know what you really like and make an effort to give it or make it happen on your special day. I'm a very sentimental person so I will NEVER forget this! (Actually, my tears are about to fall while writing this post because of too much joy.) Until now, it still feels surreal that I finally met the cast of my favorite local TV show in the history of all primetime teleseryes.

Tita Jack

Lola Pachang

Team Raks not Dead: Kiko and Axel

Clark <3

Hands down to to all the cast that I met including the people behind the camera because they were all so kind and accommodating! You guys really deserve all the love, praise and success you are getting because you put a different kind hard work and dedication for your craft. I'm certainly one proud OTWOLISTA here! :)


The Penultimate Year to Quarter-Life

I can't believe I'm actually saying this already: ONE YEAR NA LANG AT PAPASOK NA AKO SA QUARTER-LIFE AGE!! Seriously?!!! How did time go by that fast??? But before I enter the stage of quarter-life, allow me to savor first one whole year of being 24. Let me start it by sharing how my first day of being 24 went on. (Heto na binulgar ko na talaga age ko ha. Yung mga student ko na mababasa ito, huwag niyo nang itanong sa akin kung ilang taon na ako. hahaha. Anyway, age is just a number. Wow pampalubag loob?? LOL)

Below are some photos, greetings and surprises from people dear to me (I didn't include the others because they're too personal and I just want to keep them for myself so I filtered some of them hehe)

1. Who would be too excited to greet me on my birthday? I have to give it to my students this year! The very first person to greet me was a student of mine.At grabe lang yung iba nagtatalo pa na siya daw unang bumati, siya pangalawa, siya dapat una and so on. Nakakatawa sila. Chill lang guys. This ain't a competition and it's not graded hahaha! Ang cute niyo talagang mag-away sa twitter (ehemmm 9G boys). So here are my students who made an effort on my birthday (in random order).

Some really took an effort to edit because they know how much I love James Reid hahaha!

a former student sent me this :))))

I'm with James Reid in the original photo hahaha

And the most memorable birthday surprise (which happened two days before my birthday) was from my student two years ago. I know I've said this several times but SUPER THANK YOU Bong Gonzales for granting my birthday wish!!

2. My colleagues in Ateneo. I received several cute and funny birthday messages from my workmates but I was only able to get these two (2nd and 3rd pic) because they uploaded the photos (I don't want to screen cap their messages anymore for sentimental purposes hehehe)

Advanced birthday celebration with my bffs at Galileo

I felt nostalgic when I saw this photo because it brought back the memories of our batch during our first year of teaching.

The cutest and most kilig of them all.. (it's about James Reid again hihihihi).

3. My friends. Honestly, greetings from my friends were the least that I looked forward to because I know they're gonna post funny or candid photos of me. Kalokohan talaga yung iba. Hahaha

This photo was taken during our Baguio trip. According to my friends, this is my thing whenever we eat. Yeah right hahaha

Fine I look mehhh here but my friend keeps on laughing about this photo. Is it that really funny??? huhu I don't seem to get it.

Here's the most surprising and unexpected part of my birthday care of my besprenemy (best friend and enemy hahaha)

WAIT..I am hyperventilating right nowwwwww! Haha jk. Sabi ng kaibigan ko, "Hindi ko man madala si James Reid sayo ngayong birthday mo, kaya ito na lang". OKAY NA OKAY NA AKO DITO SWEAR! :)))) Nauumay na ba kayo sa post ko? Parang James Reid post yata ito at hindi tungkol sa birthday hahaha! Kidding aside, it makes my heart melt when people surprise me with things that I really love because it means that they know me too well. :)

effort! pnagawa pa niya talaga at ito pa yung pic na pinili!! NAKAKALOKAAAA!

Welcome to our house, James!

I spent my last few hours of my birthday with my high school friends. Too bad though because the squad isn't complete. But we'll see each other on the 26th!

4. My family. I won't get tired of thanking God for my family and every night I keep telling him "I'm so lucky to have such amazing family members."

My mini me!

Throwback photo with my dearest Mikkel <3

Birthday dinner with family <3 *insert those who are missing in the photo*

Here's a little backstory about this photo: I was surprised that my family bought a huge cake like this. A simple or small cake (kahit cupcake nga lang) will do for me. Also, I don't know if I'll be happy or annoyed because they still bought candles showing my age. Wala na talaga akong kawala. Ayan na panindigan na talaga ang pagiging 24 years old. Hahaha. Another funny story, my mini me brought this "Happy Birthday" headband and asked me to wear it while blowing the candles. Kung kailan tumanda ako, dun pa ako gumanito. HAHAHAHAHA

For the past few years, I've been blogging about my birthday celebrations because it's my way of appreciating how blessed I am. I think I already have the best of different worlds - family, friends and career. I couldn't ask for more except for one. Hehe. But I know in God's perfect time. :)

Again, THANK YOU to all the people who made my birthday extra special. I really feel the love. #ThankYouForTheLove as per ABS' Christmas Station ID. :)))))


Snippets from my first live ABS-CBN Christmas Special Experience

Disclaimer: If you don't want to see the happenings at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2015, DO NOT scroll down. Click the x button of this web page. (I've seen several photos posted on twitter and instagram so I don't think I'm spoiling anything here. Wala nang magagalit at mambabash ha? Kung ayaw mong makita, eh di huwag kang mag-online. Ganun lang kasimple yun. hahahaha)

I should be working right now and preparing for my next class but here I am blogging about last night's ABS' Christmas Special (ang hirap maging fan noh? Haha. Naiiba tuloy priorities mo. Iba rin kasi talaga epekto sa akin ever since I was bitten by the JaDine love bug). Isa pa, hindi rin naman mababasa ito ng boss ko (or not hahaha) at break time ko naman so mukhang wala naman yata akong nilalabag na labor law noh? At hindi rin naman tulad ng boss ko si Sir Simon so keribels lang. Hahahaha! Sabi nga ni James sa ASAP nung Sunday, "we have the best fans in the world".  Nako James, the best talaga! Ewan ko na lang kung hindi pa best yung ginawa ko na kahit maaga ang pasok sa trabaho kinabukasan at deadline ng submission ng grades eh naisingit pa ang fumangirl sa inyo ni Nadine. Kaya heto na nga kinacareer at pinangangatawanan ko na talaga siya. :))))

Besides, I already have several backlog on my travel posts yet here I am choosing to blog this over those trips. Lol. Again living up to James's words huh? Ohaaaaa ansabeeeee??

Anyway, my colleagues and I arrived at The Big Dome around 7pm but the program started at around 8:30pm (medyo matagal din hinintay namin noh? Pero sige para sa JaDine, wala akong hindi kayang hintayin. Wooooow teh itinawid mo talaga yun ha? Hugot pa more. Haha charot) But it was worth the long wait as per Clark's words because their performances were all amazing! Bravooooo Kapamilya!

Okay okay.. ang dami ko pang sinasabi at hirit. I know you just wanted to see the pictures because it's definitely one of the things that people look forward to when visiting a blog. So below are my photos at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2015. (Please give due credit if you wish to use my photos. Thanks!)

WARNING: Several photos ahead. At obvious naman kung sino sinusuportahan ko so sorry kung sila pinakamaraming pictures hehehe..

Opening prod by different Kapamilya loveteams (relax, wala pa yung Big 3 dito mamaya pa sila! galing din ng strategy na hinuli sila diba?)

The Voice Kids

Cardo and Onyok (the look cute together!!)

A song prod number..

Toni G. doing her thing..

Magpasikat naaaaaa!!

Pokwang and Melai imitating Tina Turner

Gary V's song production number..

Somebody call 911, fire burning on the dance floor!

Liza, Kathryn and Nadine doing a spiel for the Kapamilya Leading Men

Are you ready for some oozing charm and hotness? You Kapamilya leading men!! Wooohhhhh.

Ohhh my gaaaahd I need some oxyjames because this will be the start of it... aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Echo, PJ anfd JLC

JLC showing his quirky side (tuwang-tuwa si Echo sa kanya oh!)

Go Popoy!

Dance prod from various Kapamilya stars (Go Robi!)

Zeus and Dawn

John, Shaina and Rayver

Enrique's charisma on the dance floor is one of a kind!

It's so obvious what they are dancing here.. hihi

All You Need Is Pag-ibig Cast

The cast of Banana Sundae doing a novelty performance

Bea and John Lloyd doing a spiel for the three love teams (ito talaga pinakahinintay ng audience eh)

Spoken poetry master Juan Miguel Severo

Brace yourselves JaDines! Here's the first wave of kilig-filled photos of James and Nadine! :)) Grabe ang lakas talaga ng charisma nila onstage! Dati team instagram or youtube lang ako sa performances nila pero iba pala talaga pag napanood mo sila ng live! Umaapaw sa kilig. Pero ito seryoso ah, hindi ko 'to sinasabi dahil sila favorite ko pero na-observe din ito ng colleague ko: Nung sila yung nagpeperform, nagpuntahan yung mga tao sa harap ng stage para videohan at picturan sila. After ng part nila, umupo na ulit mga tao.

James signature moves! Kung ako nasa stage, itutulak ko na kayo para matuluyan na yan. haha!

JaDines: Kissssssssss! Sherep nemen! Ay hopia lang pala!



Wave 2 of OJD!!! Uyyyy may sariling mundo! (as always)

James: Wifey, pakiss naman!
Nadine: Mamaya na hubby! Ang daming tao oh.

I love seeing them smile like this. Sobrang genuine. :)

 May sariling mundo part 2!

hey everyone! look oh intertwined kamay namin! kakilig!!!

Finale prod featuring of course my beloved JaDine hehehe (Wave 3 na ito!)

Wala pa man, holding hands na agad? Excited much? Kayo haaaaa!

Ang gentleman ni Enrique! LizQuen x JaDine is for real! Nakatutuwa kasi lagi sila magkakatabi tapos pati fans nila sa Araneta, magkakatabi din. O diba posible naman na magkasundo ang mga fans?

Favorite ko 'to! Lakas maka-jowa ng akbay ah! Pero sige lang, go lang! Masaya naman kami sa nakikita namin. Hahaha! Kailan kaya ako magkakaroon ng ka-JF ko? Huhubels. Charot.

FINALE! It was an awesome show! Congrats ABS!

Last but definitely not the least, kung merong Lawyers and Doctors loving OTWOL and JaDine, papatalo ba kami? Syempre meron ding TLOTWOL -- Teachers Loving OTWOL plus JaDine of course! Ang sayaaaaa! Cheers to us OTWOL Ateneo de Manila Chapter! :))