Foodscpade in Korea!

You know me too well if I didn't blog about this kind of post! Hahahaha! Yepppp food trip will always be part of my list whenever I travel. So without further ado, below is my Korea foodscapade!! :))) *craving for Korean food right now ugggghhhhh*

Korean Resto near our hostel - sorry but I don't know the translation of the first resto we tried when we arrived in Seoul :(

We ordered Beef Bulgogi and Korean Chicken.

Korean Restaurant - yes, this is really the name of the resto because I saw a signage in one corner of the place. Hahaha pinag-isipan talaga eh noh? We had Beef Bulgogi (again) and Bibimbap.

Mo's Burger - we kinda missed Western food so we looked for a burger place and then this. Hahaha

Then we grabbed some coffee and tea near our hostel.

Lost in translation..

When we went to the Ski Resort, we had lunch at their "food court".

Shrimp Rice Meal with Kimchi Soup
Food trip at Myeongdong Street! Myeongdong is Korea's shopping district but besides shopping, they have interesting street food finds here. :))

This is one of my favorites - beef patty with egg on top! :))

And here goes my love relationship with strawberries!!!

Cotton Candyyyyyyyy!!!

Food trip in Insadong Street!

Chicken Bbq the Korean way..


Jipangeil ice creaaaaaaaammmmmm! Yes we ate ice cream despite the 6 degrees weather!!

When we went to Nami Island, here are some of the food the we tried.

Red Bean Pao..

Snowman Pancake + Green Tea Latte at Winter Sonata Cafe

Feasted on Grilled Korean Chicken for lunch..

I don't usually try food places in a foreign country that are also here in the Philippines but for a change, we tried Mcdo in Korea. hehe I liked their Mcdo in Korea because in their menu, the calorie content of every meal is shown. Talk about being health conscious.

This trip wouldn't be complete without going to HELLO KITTY CAFE!!! *insert the the happy kid in me*

This Hello Kitty Cheesecake is to die for!!!

For our last meal before going back to Manila, we tried this hole-in-the-wall noodle house beside our hostel. We got curious because every time we pass there, it's always full of people and sometimes people are falling in line and waiting outside to be seated.

While eating inside, a Korean local approached us and asked us how we knew about the noodle house and we just said told him we went inside randomly. Apparently, the noodle house is very famous among Korean locals and even K-Pop stars come there and try the popular Hae Mul Kalguksu or the noodle prepared and cooked in a traditional way.

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