No Itinerary? That's Not Going to be a Problem.

We didn't have an itinerary on our last day in Korea. We had the whole day before our flight back to Manila at night. So to maximize and make the most out of our last few hours in Seoul, we decided to walk, ride a cab, walk again to where our feet will lead us. Of course, we didn't forget to take a lot of pictures!!!

Just like what I said in my previous post, the hostel where we stayed at (Hostel Lian) is just few meters away from Insadong area (one of my favorite streets in Seoul) and other tourist spots like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and a lot more. Since these are just walking distance from our hostel, why not pay a visit? :)

This is the largest palace in Seoul and it served as the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty. Unfortunately, the palace was closed when we went there because it is closed on Tuesdays. I only had the chance to take the facade of the palace.

This is just 10 to 15-minute walk from Gyeongbokgung Palace. There are tours inside the palace but we didn't avail any of the tours anymore because we might get pressed with time for our check out time in our hotel.

Insadong street by day.. You might be wondering why I keep mentioning this street. It's because we passed by this street to get to the palaces plus we had some food trip here (check my food trip post in Korea).

After seeing some of the royal palaces, we went back to our hostel to check out then we decided to take a cab and check the university area in Seoul. We were only able to see one university which is the Ewha Womans University. I have to admit I was mesmerized with the vicinity of the university. I can't believe I am at a university! It was far different from the university vibe here in the Philippines. My friends and I were even joking if are we still in Seoul? Because it was like we were in Europe already.

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