Rustic-themed restaurants are one of my favorite kinds of food places because I just love the laid-back and homey feel whenever I eat. It's like you're just eating at home away from home. So when my friend introduced me to My Lola Nor's Meryendahan, I easily fell in love with the place. It's not just the place, but the food as well.

My Lola Nor's Meryendahan is a breakfast and snack house located in Mabalacat, Pampanga. It is open during Tuesdays to Sundays from 7am to 7pm. This place is accessible via public transportation or private vehicle. If you are coming from the North like in Tarlac, your landmark will be the big church in Mabalacat, Pampanga. After the church, turn to the street on your right then straight ahead and you will see a signage of "My Lola Nor's Meryendahan."

Do not be deceived if the gate is closed. It is always closed. All you have to do is ring the doorbell on the right so the owners will let you in.

When you enter the gate, you'll see this.

Chillin' like a villain..

There are corners of the place that are Instagram-worthy! :)))

Inside My Lola Nor's gives you a vintage feel.


The menu at My Lola Nor's is not as long and as many as those in the usual resto. Since it is run by the family itself, there are only few to choose from their menu. However, in spite this. they really serve good and budget-friendly food.

Below are the food and the (only) drink that (I think I'll always order) my friend and I ordered.

Putong Babi (Pork Bun) - 100 pesos
Tacos Salad - 140 pesos (if I'm not mistaken haha)

The second time I went there, my friend and I ordered the Putong Babi again and the Batirol Shake again. Hahaha!

And of course, my forever favorite at My Lola Nor's -- Batirol Shake (75 pesos)! Never leave the place without trying this!!! It is to die for! Hahahaha. While drinking this Batirol Shake, my friend and I had this conversation:

Bahm: "Natikman mo na si James Reid? Kung hindi pa, hindi mo na kailangan tikman si James Reid. Ito na yuuuuuuun!!!"

Besides the place and the food, another thing I liked about My Lola Nor's is that the family members themselves are the ones doing all the job - from getting orders, cooking the food to serving the food. :)

Thank you Bahm for bringing me here! #StayStrongBahmita (HAHAHAHA)

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