Mini Mini My Mini Me's

People in my close circle know that I am an only child (but I won't be anymore soon hahaha) that is why I am very close and attached to my cousins especially to the little girls  since there are only few girls among us. Few years ago, I posted in my blog the Little Men in My Life. Now, it's the little girls in my life's turn (sorry Bianca, you don't belong to the "little" category anymore hahaha). I call them my "Mini Me" because there are circumstances wherein they remind me so much of myself. Without further ado, I would like you to meet two of the little girls in my life (please don't grow up too faaaaaaast!!!).


Meet Julia, my ever bibo, smart and beautiful cousin/little sister! As early as now, this little girl is making us proud already because she has achieved some recognition and awards in her school in South Carolina, USA. Julia was born in the US so I never really had the chance to witness her grow up firsthand but thanks to technology like Skype, FaceTime, Viber and Facebook, I'm always updated about her!

Last 2011, she went home in the Philippines and that was one of the happiest years of my life because we finally met in person! Hopefully, she'll come home again in few years time. *ehemmm Tito Hilbert, ehemmmm..*


Personality-wise, I think Carmel would be the little version of myself. Why? Because she is mataray (I am mataray hahaha but depends on the context and situation) but she is a sweet girl. Unlike Julia, I witnessed some of her growing up years because she was born in the Philippines.

But when she turned two, she had to go to the US with her parents. On a positive side, I'm going to see her soon. That's for certain! Finally!! :) *Counting the days... *


Few days from now, Julia is going to celebrate her birthday while Carmel is going home to the Philippines soon. So how do I make things extra special for Julia's birthday and Carmel's homecoming? I have some ideas in my mind. Well this is one - dedicating a blog post for them. On the other hand, I also thought of buying a little something for them. It's kinda hard to choose what's the perfect gift to give to these two because of the various choices you see in the mall like stuffed toys, shoes, accessories, etc and some unique items sold online like those seen in different Instagram pages and how ZALORA offers so many styles of kids apparel.

Anyway, I still have time to think things through and come up with a perfect gift for two of my favorite little girls. :))


Accommodation and Food Recos When in La Union

In my previous post,  I shared our little summer happening. As mentioned at the end of the past blog post, I will be sharing where we stayed and where we ate during our La Union trip. So here it is. :)


There are several choices of accommodations when planning for a getaway in La Union - from high budget to budget-friendly accommodations. The place where we stayed at was somewhere in the middle. But it wasn't really the budget we were considering here. Guess what was the factor that we considered in booking an accommodation for this trip?? The place should be instagram-worthy!! Here goes the instagram-conscious in us. HAHAHA! And so we found Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel. Is it really instagram-worthy? Just check the photos below and see for yourself. :))

Besides the artistic side of the hostel, it was really a nice place to chill.

Flotsam and Jetsam at night..

We had free breakfast as part of the accommodation. Unli bread, cereals, coffee, tea and milk!! :)) My favorite Honey Stars cereals!!!

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Flotsam and Jetsam. I think most of our time were spent chillin' here than swimming in the beach. Haha! Also, their rooms and comfort rooms are clean! We would like to thank the coolest hostel manager, Ate Din (girl in yellow shirt) for being so accommodating. :)


From accommodation, let's move to some food recos.We tried three restos and I can say that all these three are must try when in La Union.

This would probably one of the most recommended food places in La Union because whenever we ask people, "where can we eat here in LU?" Surf Shack is always first on their list.

Ambiance: 810 (al fresco dining)
Food: 9/10
Price: Mid to high budget
Wifi Zone: Yes

Vegetarian Pasta (hashtag healthy living kunwari hahaha)

Pasta Bolognese..

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich..

Midway Grill reminded me of Baguio's 50's Diner but when it comes to food, I have to give it to Midway Grill.

Food: 10/10 (big serving)
Budget: Budget friendly to mid budget (95 peso to 300+ peso meals)
Wifi Zone: No

Pork Barbecue with Java Rice (the meat is so tender and tasty)..

Pork Liempo with Garlic Rice..

Breakfast Platter..



Gefseis Greek Grill serves authentic Greek food because the owner is a Greek. Of all the Greek restos I've tried, this is my favorite so far :)

Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 10/10
Price: Budget-friendly to high (depends on what you order)
Wifi Zone: No

Hummus with Pita..

Lamb Slouvaki Platter..

Chicken Slouvaki..

Lamb Chops..

Lunch with the gang..


High School Barkada's 4th Summer Getaway!

Summer getaways are best spent with people who you are comfortable with and you can go crazy with - may it be your family, your friends, your special someone and so on. As for me, it would have to be my high school friends.

Our barkada started to have summer outing when we graduated from college. Since then, it became an annual summer ritual for us. For our 4th summer getaway, our barkada chose to go to La Union. So far, our summer getaways were all in the North because we wanted to explore the North first since it is nearer to our home province, Tarlac. I'm pretty sure we'll have to explore South too in the years to come.

What did we do when we were at La Union? Hit the beach, of course!

Since La Union was tagged as the Surfing Capital of the North, who would not want to miss the surfing activity? (Well, except for me because I was not in the mood to surf because the sea was too calm so there were no big waves.) But, my other friends still surfed despite the calmness of the sea. #LUGI hahaha

But wait, there's more! Do you think surfing and hitting the beach are the only things you can do when in La Union? Noooo nooo nooooo. Haha! You can try trekking to get a glimpse of such a beautiful waterfalls called Tangadan Falls located in the town of San Gabriel.

Just so you know, the trekking activity was a very spontaneous one. It wasn't really part of our plan but since we were already in the jump off point, are we still gonna back out? I have to say this was the most unprepared adventure in my life so far in terms of time, outfit and physical readiness. Time wise, we arrived at the jump off point at 5pm and the trek was about 2 hours long according to our guide. But since we were conscious about the time because we were worried to get home late, we told the guide if we could trek faster so we were able to cut the trek time to about an hour and a half. :)) Outfit wise, most of us were wearing flip-flops and maong shorts. And when it comes to physical readiness, we didn't have any warm-up hahaha! Despite these conditions, it was still fun after all.

The unprepared and spontaneous ones..

Cliff-diving spot going to Tangadan Falls..

After almost two hours of trek, FINALLY..

We left the place at around 6:45pm so we were still trekking back to town at 7:30pm. It was really difficult to trek at night time. This would probably be the first and last time that I'm gonna do a trek this late.

That pretty sums up our summer getaway this year. Oh wait, in case you're wondering why I didn't include the food and accommodation in this post, I decided to write another post about them because I think they deserve a separate post. Where we ate and stayed during our La Union trip will be up in my blog soon. ;)